Who makes variable length paddles?

Besides Epic, with its length-lock, which other manufacturers make variable length paddles?

215 is a bit on the short side, while 220 is a tad long. I could adopt and make do. But since there’re options, I really rather not have to “make do”.

I’ve been sticking with Epic for that “feature”. But thought it might not be the only game in the town of changable length?


Bending Branches.

Good question, abc; it’s a discussion
that needs to be had.

We have our Aquabound paddles that we love, but recently I got an SOT. It’s too wide to comfortably use the 220cm paddle.

So, I have to find another long-enough paddle. This means it’s a good idea to consider having extendable length paddles . . . or, shall I say paddle, as an economical alternative to having to buy a new paddle for a different boat purchase.

Try AT…some of their paddles are adjustable. I have the carbon bent shaft (SL) and it is adjustable in length and it’s a great paddle…

Sorry, who’s AT?

actually, I know one
I forgot this myself until you brought that up.

Lendle makes 4 peice paddles. Some people are able to make significant length change by switching the middle section of very different length.

I don’t have personal experience of it. Just reporting what I heard.

(I should add I’ve used Lendal on a few occasions. I like them)

AT = Adventure Technology
Mine is adjustable from 215 to 220 CM, just the range you might want.

second Onno
Their standard shaft varies by 10 cm, and can be any length you need. I got one that varies from 208 to 218 for my girlfriend.

Third ONNO !

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It is a superb, lightweight well built paddle, and I like the slim shaft better than my Epic one.
The price is lower than the Epic too.


Bending branches
Thay have their “plus” models which can either adjust from 215-225 or 225-240. From the look of their website they may be dropping the carbon version since they bought out aquabound, so they might be a little harder to come by

Just bought 2 Bending Branches
Plus carbon adjustable paddles (215-230) - one Evening Breeze (still large blade) and their smallest one Twilight Breeze. Nice paddles. But still not the feel like my Beale GP! I still prefer my carbon Aquabound 240 for our wide rec boats though.

Actually Lendal has adjustable length
Not by just swapping different length sections but they have an adjustable length shaft, similar to the other manufacturers mentioned.

Adjustable is the way to go if you plan on using more than one boat that differ enough to notice.

On my short (but narrow) kayak I usually go down to 215cm as it sits low on the water, on my longer one - 215 to 217 seems to work almost equally well (still can’t decide what’s best when), when I sit on a surf ski (higher seat position relative to the water) closer to 220cm seems to work better. For white water I do 200cm but that’s a different paddle altogether…

I’ve used the Lendal VariLok system before and was really happy with it.

It is super easy to adjust and does not seem to have issues with the locking joint… I’ve had problems with the locking joints with AT, Epic and Branches before.

I would go with Lendal…

wing paddles, Werners
Bracsa and Kajner (kajner.hu) both make adjustable-length wing paddles. I don’t know that Kajner has a U.S. dealer, but his paddles are so cheap that you might still come out ahead by paying to have them shipped from Hungary. I am pleased with my Kajner 1S.

Werner can make four-piece paddles. I don’t know if it’s considered a custom option or how much it costs. I used a four-piece Camano for years with my folding kayak.


I think I got one of his last 15cm extensions which gives me a nice 215 to 230cm range. The only downside is one half of the paddle is pretty long. The upside it that I can use this whole range with different boats and I can see what length is really too short or too long.