Who paddles?

I have scoured the internet and academic literature for a recent report on paddler demographics, but have come up empty.

Has anyone ever come across any information concerning paddler demographics (age, race, numbers, growth, income level, etc.)?

If you don’t know of any official information, feel free to offer your opinion (What age/race/sex/class of people tend to enjoy paddling the most in your community?).



I live in a community
which has the largest populated “reserve” of First Nations people “Cowichans” in British Columbia. Canoe racing is a very popular activity with this group of people so i would have to say that they are the largest group of individual to participate in paddling here. After that are your WASP sea kayakers who are probably middle aged with a good source of income. I would expect a high percentage are retired. The smallest group is white water boaters with an average age around 40. Of that group it is mainly river runners with a small percentage of creekers.

If i widen the geographic scope to include Vancouver Island, perhaps the numbers of sea kayakers is greater than First Nations paddlers. Next again is white water kayakers. The smallest group is white water canoeists who again i would geusstimate are WASP average age mid to late 40’s with a good income. Hope that helps.

Informal Surveys Here Show…
We have done some informal surveys here and the average age is about 50.

Way more men than women here, but that might be misleading. Maybe women aren’t so comfortable shooting the breeze in a public forum.

Age= over the hill,

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"race"= love to
"sex"= love it
"class" = ain't got none !

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