Who the best photo server?

What photo aerver is the best to enable you to upload pictures to another website?

Criteria for best?
If you mean unlimited space, lots of bells and whistles, and an attractive display then the best is www.smugmug.com. But you pay an annual fee. Many professional photographers use that site to display and sell their photographs. I don’t know the free sites.

For me…
I like Pbase. Its stable, fast and it has a very clean look to it.


my site is http://www.pbase.com/sloopsailor

free version, $25 a year for hot link capability and loads of storage.

2 gigs free storage, online editor. slower than html based sites, but the editing is sweet.

SmugMug gets my vote. Uncluttered, great looking pages. Fast. Friends can download images at full-resolution (or any other resolution they choose).

I used to us Pbase, but it’s relatively slow if you are cross-linking your photos on other websites.

It has been awesome; we have over 10000 images online; 25$ or so per year, but as you upload more your bandwith cap goes away and you can upload unlimited full res shots and

picasa…a google product…
works great…love it…lots of free space…

i’ve had some problems
with linking to my own picasa photos. I have several blog posts that used to have working photos from my own picasa account that are now dead links.

I like the desktop app, and the high upload limit. But the overall experience leaves something to be desired.

I signed up for a Flickr pro account.

Also Flickr has a much bigger photographer community with groups. I am now following a sea kayaking, surf kayaking, and a couple of great lakes groups in flickr.