Who won the last Sweepstakes ?

I searched, but no luck finding out.

Under the Community Tab above, go to…
…the Weekly Newsletter selection, then choose Past Issues, and select the October 12, 2016 Newsletter wherein you’ll find a listing of the past sweepstakes’ four winners.

Do remember that, with the present sweepstake in mind, the one now where you have to apparently enter your email address with each time you enter, and wherein your number of entries are tallied and presented to you in a gloriously fluffed html array, that what is not apparent is that while your chances of winning are increased by the number of times you enter, and where you recieve more “entries” by dragging your friends into the fray, the likelihood of your victory decreases exponentially with the number of times, and possibly the number of words, that you post to the site.

Least, that’s how it seems to have played out here for over a decade by my feeble observations.

“Who are these people?

Where do they come from?

Never met them in my cyber travels,

never posted words with them.

Who are these keeeeeen, minds,

with winning sweepstake entrances?

Who are these people?

Who are they?”

(steal’n from Trout Fishing In America - the band.)

Oh. By the way Mr. Dodd
That’s some mighty fine composite artistry and Hawkeyed handiwork your exhibiting over there on the “trippy” board! Thanks for sharing that with this “trippy” lurker.

Thank You on Both accounts !!
Building theses strippers has been a real passion in my life !!

Thanks again !