why are kayaks priced so diferently??

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okay, I see alot of boats that are in the same class, produced from the same material, same amount of outfitting, yet one may be 100s more than the other one. Why is that?? I see kayaks in the same class and they have a very different MSRP from one another. Also, I see overpriced lower-end boats for the same MSRP as a higher-end, more outfitted kayak in a seperate class. Like the Sky and Pamlico 140, or a cruiser for the price of a cayuga 146.

So why are some kayaks priced so differently when your basically getting the same for the money??

Quality, outfitting, capriciousness
of the company.

For real?
Why does a Camry cost more then a Tauras or an Impala?

Hey if the Pam 140 is the greatest touring kayak ever made how could you compare it to a Necky Sky which is a very basic rec boat. Oh you can’t because they don’t make the Pam 140. Not happy with your greatest touring kayak ever so you’re finally looking to upgrade? :slight_smile:

Oh yeah - how is this related to advice or help? Figured I’d ask before g2d comes to get you.

The Skye ain’t a Pamlico 140,
I have one. But the question is one that’s valid for Advice. Doesn’t fit Paddlers or B&B. Don’t be so down on the little guy.

they aren’t the same

they aren’t sold by the same business

the businesses may have different needs for mark-up

the businesses aren’t in the same market

the wholesale price isn’t the same for the same model

why do prices change?

Why do prices change?
That’s obvious, the Administration had faulty intelligence, but went to war anyway.

sunspot anomalies
or the same thing that causes bike tire flats

Now I know
Thanks, Lee. I have had three flatted tires in he past dozen rides. So now I know that it was just sunspot activity and not the fact that I have let the tires get down to the point of thinness approaching a salami casing. John

In the business world
Some times a product that costs more to produce, actually costs less because there is less down time for retooling.

Look at a box of 12guage shells compared to a box of 410’s. They can run 12guage 120 hours this week and do that for 52 weeks straight.And do it again next year.The 410’s will need to be run for 2 months then the machines will need to be shut down and re tooled for 28 guage then retooled for 16 guage.

The moral of the story is you get 2-3 times as much product out of the 12 as you do the others but the actual price is half of the others.

you make money making a product not in having a maintenance man swapping tool heads and setting it up.

But thats just my 2cents worth


Just like cars, houses, cameras, skis, stereos…

quality, craftmanship, extra features, materials, and anme recognition