Why don't I see the pictures I submitted?

How come, when I post photos to boat ramp locations I’m not seeing them? Is it just a long approval process? I see ones I posted months ago, but not the ones I posted a few weeks ago. Thanks.

It took more than a week for mine to show up…

@VSAdmin should be able to say why it takes so long.

Unless you just joined pictures should pop right up. Newbies get one picture per post. So if you post multiple pictures it might not go through. Just my guess.

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thanks. I’ll keep waiting I guess lol. Not really a big deal though.

Replied to your PM on this one.

Still having this issue?


yep still don’t see lots of my submitted pics from I think months ago. But it’s ok.

Do you have any links to posts where they are missing?


Well I have about 8 links but it won’t allow me to post them all because I’m a “new user” so I’ll list the two links it allows and I’ll just name the boat ramps after that so you can look them up:

Ocmulgee River at Popes Ferry Landing in Juliette, GA
Tallapoosa River at Poplar Springs Rd in Tallapoosa, GA
Tallapoosa River at Broad Street, Tallapoosa, GA
Chattahoochee River at Lula Bridge in Lula, GA
Yellow River at Mt. Tabor Bridge in Covington, GA
Etowah River at Etowah River Park in Canton, GA
Flint River at SR74 in Woodbury, GA

I’ve submitted tons of pics to all these locations so it’s a shame NONE of them are there. Pics are really helpful to me and I know they would be to other paddlers as well. I feel like I wasted my time when I thought I was being helpful to others. That’s kind of lame. Thanks for looking into it.


@Rookie is this the expected behavior for new users and what is the threshold before they can post additional images and links?


I have been here awhile and I don’t see any launch site photos that I posted.

There seems to be no issues in the general forum with photos so am still guessing the paddling locations section was screwed up during the software switch. Brian is more qualified to answer that, if he is still around.

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To clarify, I’m not talking about posting pics in forums, just launch sites. I realized one or some people thought I was talking about posting pics in the forum, which I’m not. I’m strictly talking about launch site photos. Thanks.

I think there is a limit on how many pictures you can post per visit/week.
I think I read that in the rules section when I signed up.
I just posted several pictures for several launch points. something like 12 pictures for 4 locations.I think one did not show up.

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Funny thing. I just posted last message and when I closed the tab, the next one to open was where I thought I posted the one that didn’t show up and BAM there it was. I had even double checked just before posting last message. Must have been bouncing all around the interweb for awhile before finding home.

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