Why I like cold weather paddling...

I have heard extensively on this board the advantages of warm weather paddling in the south. But here are some reasons why northern paddling can be great:

  1. The cold water leads to fewer water skiers and personal watercraft.
  2. The cold temps mean that your plastic boat does not oil can.
  3. You dont need to carry an icepack to keep your lunch fresh.
  4. You can wear a wet/dry suit without overheating.
  5. Ice does not scratch the boat as much as rocks.

    Any other ideas to help me bear the winter??!!

Gimme a minute…
…I’ll think of something…hmmmmm…

Oh yeah, no bugs.

Sorry, that’s all I got.


Pics worth 1000 words
Seal launches are fun http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/tsunamichuck/album?.dir=8c0b

The beaches are empty http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/tsunamichuck/album?.dir=9e02

Less crowds and better scenery http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/tsunamichuck/album?.dir=4a4c

Thanks - feeling better already!

Winter paddling
I was out for a paddle today. I live on a lake that is VERY busy in the summer - trying to paddle in open water during July and August would be sheer suicide. But today I went out for over an hour without seeing another boat. Sure, there was a little bit of ice at the edge of the lake, and I had to wear several layers, including gloves, but man it was so worth it. The sun was gorgeous, the lake was mostly calm, and life was good. Amen for cold weather paddling!

You don’t get to paddle with these…
guys in the tropics.


Although I think I prefer being in a bathing suit paddling with manatees, gators and porpoises



Dude! With Your Handle…
you don’t need to find reasons. You simply make an absolute statement that “Paddling in the cold is The BEST!”

When the warmer paddlers begin to flash their photos of themselves paddling in thongs and bikinis, or sans… You just have to scoff at their immodest display of bright red flesh.


Who is as frigid as the water he paddles.

Move South
Merry Christmas


Wow Jack
That is really some sight.


No Jet Skis

some more…
…the mist on the water in the morning due to the air being colder than the water

…generally much lower humidity

…easier to dress for comfort

…clearer night skies

…it actually makes sense to build a fire

…you can see more wildlife because the trees are bare

…very easy to have a cold beer

…a shot of whisky is just the thing

…coffee taste better on a chilly morning

…the people that you do encounter while paddling in the winter are hardy stock and great to get to know.

Of course, living in SC, it is a stretch to call it “winter”.

one more
neither spraydeck nor hatches leak :slight_smile:

good time to shoot movies in winter
since I usually paddle more stable Sea Wind canoe when in summer most of the time I spend with my racing kayak or safari canoe:


easier to
spot wildlife(if ya paddle near shore or on rivers).

In Texas we have all that, but less cold
1. For some reason, even though the weather stays warm enough for boating all year round, during the school year, and especially after the first fall coldfront, the more casual boaters don’t think of going out on the water again until late Spring (and that makes up most of the boaters), even though the weather often warms up to the 60s and 70s for decent stretches. Another great part of boating in the winter down here is the tides are more extreme, so often kayaks are the only boats that can get anywhere in West Bay, where I paddle. Keeps the powerboats away. Of course, even in summer its a big bay system, and then there is always the ocean, so its easy to get away.

2. I’m not sure what oil canning is.

3. True enough, even down here we don’t need too much ice for our lunches in the winter.

4. Don’t usually need one as I paddle SOTs in shallow water most of the time.

5. We don’t have ice or rocks down here, though we do have oyster reefs to watch out for.

Hah! Here’s one
Instead of sponging any water in the bottom of the 'yak, you just transport it home and then crack the ice and pick it up!

Oh, yeah, ditto for snot running down your face. :wink: Ewww.

We paddled with thirteen of them
for six miles.

Non motorized craft are not supposed to approach closer than 100 yards, but if they approach you it is ok, and several times they came over quite close to us.


You don’t even need water. . .

Stopping on the way home
for steaming hot coffee.

No mosquitos
One morning we had 3" of fresh snow it makes the world real quiet. A barge was pushing up the

illinois just barely making headway. I pulled within 10 ’ of him and I could hear the other guys talking and their voices echoing off the sides of the barges. It was COOOL!!