Why I wear a Tilley

I’ve no idea how old this hat is but I’m really glad my face and noggin did not absorb the UV that did this.
Tilley sent me a new one but I still wear this on paddling trips.
Time to retire it.


Is your replacement hat the same size as your old one? I ask because mine is not quite as worn as yours, but looks like the same vintage. I bought a new one with a larger brim and it seems like the new ones fit a little tighter than the old ones.


My replacement seems to be a little looser than the original but is still fine. The reason I wear a Tilly is because I have a big head and their hats fit unlike the other brands I tried.
A long time ago mention of a Tilley here would start a flame war.

Why would it start a flame war, curious?!

Anything here can start a flame war :wink:

More of a baseball cap guy myself. I do have a Tilley that I can wear with a bug net, but unfortunately I rarely get out in spring in places where I need it. Have yet to lose a baseball cap in the wind, but I probably just jinxed myself.

String - good of you to post this is the right category - ezwater would be proud.

One of the reasons I like my Tilley the most is that it is completely secure in the wind. Their strap system is the best I have found. However, if I forget to use the strap, it does float due to the foam piece in the crown, and I have been glad of that on at least one occasion, smile.


I lost a really nice baseball hat over the Niagara Falls so it can happen. I always wonder if someone picked it up down river someplace. :grimacing:

Tilly hats were and are expensive for an outdoor hat. You can get all sorts of cheap hats that will do the job.
I think some people think they are elitist.

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Good thing it wasn’t on your head when it was lost.

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I’ve been wearing a Tilley lately because I lost my favorite hat. I usually put my hat on the passenger’s headrest and I think my favorite hat may have flown out the window.

skin cancer is the enemy. Being on the water means you get blasted from above and reflection off the water. I wear a brimmed hat and now have a buff around the neck. First sign of over exposure I cover the face with the buff. I have started wearing gloves for rowing. Melanoma sucks.


Montreal, maybe.

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I was standing about 100 yards up river from the fall at the railing and the wind took my new cap off and into the Niagara River it went. I jogged along the walkway watching it get closer and closer and watched it go over never to be seen by me again. The closest I will ever come to going over the falls. The person I was with thought it was quite funny. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Was that person your wife?

Not at that time. :slightly_smiling_face:

My Tilly style hat is actually an Ultimate. A big rip is patched both sides with sail repair tape and the little wear spot with a small piece of denim iron on patch on the inside. An occasional overnight soak in Oxyclean keeps it reasonably presentable. It’s about 30 years old and is not about to be retired. It’s already outlasted two other outdoor hats. I have still frequently got spots on my ears frozen by the dermatologist anyway. Amen on melonoma sucks. White boat decks are hard to guard against.

I have 2 Tilley’s but usually wear a ball cap. Reason? I feel silly in a Tilley. I just wear a hat leash on my ball cap

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I’m on my third or fourth Tilly for paddling/fishing from the original purchase around 2006. Washing machines can be rough on the seems.

I also purchased paddling hats for wives and a Montana Fedora for myself. The Montana, named by eastern Canadians, has ear “muff” flaps. It was greatly useful at the Rock Springs Wyoming firework show Tuesday when the wind was blowing the 49 degree temps past this Florida boy. We have a good history.

If you are out that way recommend paddling up the green river from Firehole Camp Ground, on a week day.

Does your cheap hat come with a lifetime guarantee. Love my tilly. Dip it in the water and cool the head on a 90F day.


My father in law, as white as a white guy could get, retired to the coast . He always wore a ball cap outside. He had melanoma on his temples that eventually did him in.