Why is the Accessories section of the Classified filled with office equipment?

Seems spammers can roam there and this discourages legitimate paddlesport sellers and buyers.

Is anyone watching the Classifieds?

Also Cricuts and non paddle related items…

Work at the beach or on the water?

That wasn’t very helpful… I have a lot of gear and know of others who do too but we will not advertise without a more closely monitored category.

Coming to you in the classifieds could be Companion Dolls… Where is the line?

Can they paddle? The companion dolls.

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Thanks for the heads up. Can’t find any way for a mod to delete the offenders. @VSAdmin

I have a couple of North Water interior cockpit bags I was going to list here but now having second thoughts.

wiseguy… Where is the wappa wappa emoji :rofl:

Did a purge of all the spam I could find and we are looking into methods for making the site less attractive to spam bots.



And does the Coast Guard require a PFD for them? Worn or merely accessible? And can I get one through the classified accessories? Can they be used in place of flotation bags?

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How’s their forward stroke?

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@VSAdmin looks like the spammers are at it again. I noticed you guys cleared a lot of them last week, but they are back today.

Maybe you could add a flag feature to the classifieds? I look at them frequently and would be happy to flag inappropriate postings so others would not have to look at them. I am sure there are other active members that feel the same way.

Thanks for all that you do to make this site better!


@VSAdmin Yep, still out there. No idea why City Hall is selling these things. Same thing coming from Philidelphia.

Indeed, thanks for all that you do to deal with the spammers. Alas, a never ending taks.

Our Club member who is an IT professional and manages our online presence had to recently increase his rates and have us invest in additional security software. He logged over 40,000 attacks since last April. These attacks are not only increasing in frequency, but sophistication as well. He runs a company that deals with hosting and IT support.

In the last few days we received a fraudulent phishing attempt on our Zoom account wanting to verify our bank account information, seemingly knowing what bank we were using. I also received two fraudulent payment requests on my personal PayPal account. These attempts were very sophisticated and required looking into header and link information to determine that they were fraudulent. Some links were real, while others were fraudulent.

It’s a difficult job to keep safe these days.

I’ll go in a purge. Thanks for reporting.



Looking good today. Thanks for your continuing effort


:scream: I was just going to redecorate my office. :cry: