Why not this Kayak?

Hello all. Im new to all this kayak and rigging stff but am looking forward to starting. I don’t have a lot of money to purchase a kayak. But I want to be able to fish with it on flats and also occasianlly the ocean. Do to the lack of money the best deal I can find is on a Big yak by Ocean Kayak. I can get everything for under $500 but I do not see anyone else rigging this yak up for fishing, is this not a good yak for fishing?>

Here’s the specs:

LENGTH 9’ 8" / 2.9 m

WIDTH 34" / 86.4 cm

SEAT WIDTH 17.75" / 45.1 cm

WEIGHT 47 lbs / 21.3 kg

MAX CAPACITY 250-300 lbs /

113.4 - 136.1 kg

My Specs

Height 5’11

Weight 155 lbs

Any help would be much appreciated and thanks for taking the time in advance.


My $.02
It could work just fine. It’s a little on the short side so paddling long distances might get a little tiring.

The boat should fit the needs of the paddler. If that fits your needs and budget, then hey, that’s the ideal boat for you!

Mainstream Kingfisher
The Kingfisher is an entry level boat designed for fishing. You should be able to get one in the same price range but open the hatches in good light and check the scuppers as they had some bad runs and the scupper tubes were weak which caused leaks. Otherwise check out the used kayaks in the classifieds on this site. You might also check out some of the dedicated yak fishing sites for info and used boats.

Don’t know if Academy is in your neck
of the woods, but if so, they sell the Ocean Kayak Speck, a Scrambler XT in reality, for under $400, but without the seat. Add another $60 or so for a seat, and anywhere from $30 up for a paddle, get a PFD, and you are in business. The Kingfisher, as stated above, is a decent beginners fishing kayak. The Scrambler XT as sold by Bass Pro Shops is, I believe, under $500, also as Gander Mountain. But, the best deal on a new, demo, or lightly used kayak may be at your Wilderness Systems dealer. WS has replaced the Ride with a new model and the old models of the Ride are being discounted. Here in Houston, I’ve seen them go as low as $450. The Ride, except for being a wetter kayak than some, is a great fishing machine.

Thanks so much for taking the time to add your input/advice. I was finally able to find some reviews online about people who actually did use the Big Yak fpr fishing and it got great reviews.

The otehr boatsd listed would run me about $200 more. I think since the reviews wereso good, I will start with this one and when and if I move to a different one, the big yak will be great size for my kids to push around. Thanks again for taking the time to give me your advise guys.

Good choice
Sorry I didn’t see this thread before you made your decision. I think you made a good decision. I was eyeballing that 'yak a few years ago for myself. Looked to be easy to transport, sturdy, stable, and generally well designed. I thought it was a bit small for my needs then, but I wound up buying a kayak that’s too large for my needs. I think you made a good decision.

Please write back and let us know how you like it after a few uses.

  • Big D

Will do
I just got it today!!! taking it out in the morning. Perfect weather for fishing down here in Central Florida.

I agree with you big D. the small size was questionable at first but i think it is going to be an advantage in the long run since im not trying to race anyone down the river.

I will let you guys know how it does after a few trips. Thanks again for all the input.


I looked around and had the same budget as you $500. It will work but it is small and will make you paddle harder if you get in the ocean, I know, I bought a 12’ Drifter and I had to paddle much harder than my friends with 14’ & 15’ yaks but I love my yak, it holds alot of gear. The other thing about the BIG YAK, it might have hull slap & that will frighten the fish in the shallow water. Anyway congrats on joining the fastest growing segment of anglers in the country.

Speed is often not helpful when fishing
Much of fishing is presentation. Speed isn’t always helpful. At the very least, there are enough presentations that don’t rely on speed that hopefully he will be able find ways to make the slowness of a short boat work in his favor. He’s probably not going to be hugely successful trolling for a fast fish like king mackeral in a Big Yak, but if he’s doing a bottom bouncing presentation for flounder - watch out!

  • Big D

My personal favorite is the malibu 2. It will handle 2 people, 12’ long and VERY stable. Maybe not the fastest, but i am not into racing anyways. I like them so much that i now have 4 of them. One setup for nothing but fishing.