Why SLABS..er, SOT's work well...

someone posted earlier about calling SOT’s “slabs”…dontcha be dissin our SOTS! Here is another good reason to use one in a rescue situation:


give it a try
Let me share my story of reformation. I, regrettably, never liked SOT’s. It had nothing to do with my personal opinion of the boat and its users. I had used one several years earlier (a surfing SOT – not exactly built for speed and tracking) and it left a bad taste in my mouth. Last month, I went to Appomattox Canoe’s big demo day (if you have never been – GO!) with my dad. He couldn’t use a SINK because at his age, it was too difficult to enter and exit, so he wanted to demo the SOT’s. We tried every kind imaginable. I never paddled a SOT that was actually built to perform. Several were competitive to SINK in speed and tracking. What blew me away was the freedom that you have to move about the boat. You can hang you legs off the side, or turn around to access you gear. I have seen several debates about storage capacity on these two types of boats. The difference is, on a SOT you can actually access your storage. You can grab a drink from a cooler. I am having fun in ways I was never able to in my SINK. If I get hot, I can just dive into the water and hop back on my boat. I still enjoy my SINK, and I prefer it for longer trips or river rapids, but when I just want to be outside enjoying myself, the SOT can’t be beat. Maybe that makes it a boat for recreational users rather than experts. I don’t know, but who cares? Use your boat in whatever way makes you happy. From what I have heard, I would bet that a lot of paddlers have a preconceived notion about SOT’s. I was one, until I gave it a try. While I have always loved paddling and I have been doing it for several years, SOT kayaking opened up new doors and new ways for me to enjoy the sport.

Someone posted that here once. I guess it was meant as an insult. I corrected him. SOTs are not just beach toys, they are GREAT beach toys.

Aren’t we supposed to be having fun?

paddled an sot once
it was one of those hobies that you can peddle–it was fun but I prefer sinks

My SO.T. is
Fishing tool and a chick magnet ! Wait, no I think my boat is a fishing tool and my tool is the chick magnet !!!


I enjoyed your posting. I am about to purchase a SOT and am curious what type you have? Sounds like you have been well pleased with it for all the reasons I am planning to make a purchase very shortly. Thanks in advance.



my SOT
I bought a Wilderness Systems Ride 135. Its a good size boat with a large capacity. I’m 6’3" and about 275, and it fits me perfectly. The downside is that it is heavy (60 lbs) and is a little wider than some of the other boats. Im a big guy, so the width and weight aren’t a problem for me, but it could present a challenge for some. I paddled similar models by Ocean Kayak, Native and Hobie, before choosing mine. Its really lit a fire under my tail, and i have been out paddling at least 3 times a week, even though i have a new-born baby at the house. my wife is a saint…

I have both and both have there place.
If just paddling I use the QCC and if snorkleing I use the SOT I love them both. I don’t have a roll yet so I use my Bimini in the Gulf or Atlantic. It’s all good.

Totally pimped
To bad one has to register them if using an electric trolling motor.

It is interesting that
new paddlers tend to love my SOT after they try it out and almost none of the guys with long sea kayaks want to even try it. I’m sure many of them have tried a Tarpon or something similar though. Same reason many of them won’t get an Otter again or why folks who have Corvettes don’t test drive Escorts.

But, I bet if I show up with an 18 foot Expedition one day there will be more interest…

I have also perfected the half-roll a few weeks ago – on my first try!