Wi-Fi radios?

Instead of an IPOD to feed bucks into,I think a Wi-Fi radio to get Pandora into the garage would be better.

Any experience or suggestions will be appreciated.

Why not ipod touch?
I have one and not only use it for music, stored and through Pandora(when there is a wi-fi connection), but also for books, both free, and bought through iBooks. It’s not that bad to read the screen, and it is very portable.

Do you have a lap top? If not just get wireless speakers with the base in the house. I don’t think anybody makes a WiFi radio. You can also get those devices that send signals from one output to another. I can’t remember what they are called. I used to send music from a computer to a stereo in another room.

Ryan L.

Have it on my Blackberry, I can direct connect in my car or use Bluetooth. Direct connect makes it sound like SAT radio. I often hook it up to PC speakers and play it in the house.

No laptop and no Blackberry or other
internet-capable phone.When I left the business world, the phone stayed on my desk.I have a cell, but it is seldom on.

I’ve been thinking about one…
For my bedroom as radio reception can be tuff down here.

If you have a router it’s all you need.

Just have to match the router band with the radio.

Here’s some…


Pandora on a Wi-Fi Radio Player
I’m not sure you would be able to get Pandora on a regular Wi-Fi radio (I could be mistaken) because it is a specific user based program, and not a regular radio station broadcast over the internet.

The iPod Touch is the only device (besides a Smart Phone or PC/Tablet) I know of that has a Pandora App and can connect to Wi-Fi. Depending on your budget, you can get the base model iPod Touch for around $225 and a speaker dock for $50 and up.

I’m sure there are other solutions for streaming from your computer to another location, but the iPod Touch is a very versatile device, and can there are dozens of Internet Radio apps, as well a regular mp3 player.

You can also email, web surf, and even text-message if you have a Wi-Fi connection.

This one does Pandora
From Grayhawk’s post. http://www.ccrane.com/radios/wifi-radios/cc-wifi-radio.aspx

how about xm?

I am also cheap and don’t want another
monthly bill for XM.

iPod is a 1-time cost…
“Instead of an IPOD to feed bucks into” – there’s no on-going cost. Just the up-front purchase.

How about paying for the music?

many free options for music
Pandora is a free app for the iPod Touch, and there is no monthly fee if you don’t mind an ad every now and then (I think their “pro” version is $1 or $2 per month for ad free radio). There are also dozens of free internet radio apps.

You can also download all your cd’s onto the iPod for free. I have had an iPod for 3 years, and have not purchased one song from iTunes or any other online seller.

The CC WiFi Internet Radio (mentioned above), looks like you can stream music from your computer as well. Which is a nice feature, and it already has a speaker. Probably a cheaper option than the iPod with a speaker dock.

Cant Recommend Logitech Squeezebox
All the phones and the logitech squeezebox have Pandora.

But do not buy the Logitech Squeezebox! I have 2 engineering degrees and sometimes I need them to get it working again after they push a software update, which is about every 2 weeks.

To listen to your mp3 collection, you need to run a piece of their software on your PC. The last version crashes often and is not reliable. And when it scans your hard drive for music it kills your PC speed.