Wicking Shirts

Are great until they come in contact with Velcro. Then they are damaged and disfigured beyond repair. Beware of PFD’s that have Velcro and are lying in wait to chew up your shirts and shorts or other wicking clothing. And in the washing machine, be careful, since the velcro on my cargo shorts destroyed my wicking polo shirts.

What are you buying – even my cheap poly shirts don’t have that problem.

Have had a problem, even with my $5 wicking shirts.

Seems a good thread for recommendations
$5, Shiraz?

I’d like some long sleeve, light weight shirts, to use in summer. Not official $un block $hirt$, but will serve the purpose for half day outings. And, I don’t want to pay the $29 and up prices that I always find.

So, where are these cheap and effective shirts?

My favorite paddling shirt is a cheapo Starter from Wal Mart. This polyester, but comfy and it dries quickly. Once the funk gets bad, toss it and buy another. I have an Under Armor too, but I rarely wear itthese days…

Two sources for wicking shirts
Sportsmansguide.com or Campmor.com

Neither place will have what you want 100% of the time. But I get their e-mails and periodically get deals I like. And $5 a shirt happens quite a lot, especially for short sleeves, but I have a few nice Reebok brand two color long sleevers that were about $5.25 each in a three pack.

Not had them trashed by velcro, nor by serious bike crashes that removed skin beneath the shirt and required soaking in the tub to remove it after it scabbed on! Shirt looks the same after as before - I wouldn’t have believed it had I not experienced it, and the shirt is still in use 6 years later.

$5 shirts
I picked those up at Ocean State Job Lot last year. I also picked up some $10 one’s at Target to. They don’t say wicking but there not cotton and they breath very well.

I did have a bit of luck at Target
Yeah, got a nice, light, long sleeve, quarter zip, high neck LS poly shirt for $7, marked down from $27. Was bummed they only had one in my size. But, I like it so much, I’ve realized I need more of them.

cheap wicking shirts
I check the clearance racks at Target, Kohls, Gander Mt. etc. every time I go. I have major brand wicking/dry shirts originally up to $35 that were marked down by some employee to $5, and with a 20% coupon took them home for $4. Sometime a new employee is told to clearance the odd leftovers, and does.


I love those!
I stubbornoy wore cotten all my life until I found those Walmart Starter shirts for $7. I wear them for everything—so much cooler. They’re great for travel because they don’t wrinkle much. Some people say they smell but I don’t notice that.

Velcro is infinitely evil
Horrible, morally reprehensible stuff.

It picks up and forever retains every piece of sand, dirt, dog hair, dandelion fluff, and squashed insects that you’ve ever encountered.

The sound of it ripping is cringe-inducing and causes tooth aches.

Having velcro on sandals is, at best, oxymoronic.

I’ve had a lot of petroleum shirts over the years, from the cheap to the elitist, and I think the best bang for the buck is this one:


The Velcro Cringe
I thought I was the only one that had that problem, seems like I am not.

Everytime I peel back a piece of velcro it makes the hairs on my arms stand up and it makes my feel as though I have just crunched down on a piece of aluminum foil.

Even the thought of it makes me cringe.

I also have to agree with the OP that velcro has damaged some of my clothing. There was velcro on one of my backpacks that would rub agaisnt my cycling jersey and eventually made the jersey look terrible at that point.

I love velcro
It’s one of the greatest modern advances since duct tape. But if you expect it to do everything, cure all ills and be problem free, you’re going to be disappointed.

No, the problem here is the wicking material in question, probably in this case more of an open weave. I also have the Starter brand as well as some Armor All and Campmor wicking shirts; none of which are affected by velcro.

Are the newer anti-microbial ones any better than the old ones…the old ones would start to smell bad very quickly after hiking.

It’s not only you two
Frank Costanza (Georges father On “Seinfeld”) hated velcro too.

Any Run of the Mill Polyester Shirt

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Or shorts will get frayed by Velcro. I guess it depends on the weave? Never had the problem with cotton clothing. Even my board shorts and drawstrings are damaged by the Velcro fly.