wide booties?

My feet are cramped in my size 12 NRS booties when I wear my drysuit (with neoprene booties) and merino wool socks. I tried on a pair of size 13s, and they were longer, but still felt pretty snug everywhere else. Does anyone make neoprene paddling booties in wider sizes? Anyone else have this problem?

Thanks, Nate

Hello…I have run into the same problem …i’ve been looking for neoprene booties to wear with waders (3mm booties also). I want to backpack into remote lakes and don’t want to drag large heavy wading shoes with me.Weight is everything when ya backpack. I have tried scuba shops with no luck. the neoprene “wading” shoes @ BassPro won’t work either.If i run across something that will work , i’ll post here in P’Net. Aside from all that, I did buy a oversize( size 11, I take 9 shoe) pair of Croc sandals that work with waders but they don’t stay on well when wading in stream beds or mud, so maybe a waterproof sandal may work for you.

Sandals aren’t really an option for me in a kayak. I need insulation, protection (of my drysuit booties), and comfort in a heels-down position.

Keens run wide
I just got a pair dirt cheap (


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I tried my Chota Mukluks on over my 5mm neoprene waders( with size 9-11 booties) after my 1st post...they were a tad snug in width but i think if i went up 2 sizes they would work ! the wader booties bunched up a bit from the extra bootie length but the Chota seems to give enough to warrant a try. So, give the Chota boots a serious look , they may work. I bought the chota's with the intent to use heavy/ medium weight socks underneath, not 5mm neoprene...the Chota's run undersize, I had to buy a size 8 to fit my size 9 feet. I'm willing to bet a size 11 Chota boot will fit over the my wader bootie and be comfortable.

My chota pull on booties work well on my 14EEEE feet. Look for booties with a sole that doesn’t wrap around the side and is fairly flexible. Mine aren’t great for walking on sharp pointy rocks, so I don’t step on them :slight_smile:

My Chota lights are wide on my D
width foot. My Keen sandals are narrow.

NRS Kickers, Chotas, & Socks
I had the same problem with my 11.5 EEE. I checked around and no one makes wide booties. I bought NRS Kickers and Chota Bootie. Both fit but the NRS is a little bigger. The NRS Kicker was tight but stretched with time. I like the fit of the Posi-Loc Chota Bootie but the heel wore out in 2 months. I suggest trying a bigger NRS Kicker. If not try a low top neo sock on top of the suit booties with or without wide sandals. Wear your wool socks also.


Thanks folks
Thanks for all the advice. I’ll see if I can find some chotas to try on. Or maybe the size 13 NRS booties would break in a little if I got those.