Wide brim hats

We are looking for some wide brim hats of really bright colors (neon orange/yellow?) for kayaking or canoeing. Having straps or other to tie them on a plus. There’s a lot of power boats out there racing around, and we feel a bit vulnerable especially sitting down so low when in the kayaks. We will wave our paddles when we see them approaching from the front or side, but not having eyes in the back of our heads leaves an open area. Maybe something really bright would catch the boaters eye even if they are “under the weather” a bit.



Oregon Research has had some GoreTex hats as you describe, in bright colors. Note that after a while in the sun you may need to invest in another hat for that brightness.

You may also want to put light reflective strips on your paddle. They’ll flash in the sun almost like a mirror at times. You can get this stuff at most marine stores.

Vermont’s Barre Army Navy Store

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Link to Orange Boonie Hat

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From the store link above, I found this example of an orange boonie hat:

I guess hunting supplies will be a good place to look for orange hats in any style. For those looking for traditional baseball caps, you might also think of teams with bright colors. Just for kayaking, I got a bright orange Charlotte Bobcats hat at Wal-Mart for five bucks.

is red bright enough for you?
these are on sale:


Visability on the water

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When I bought my Kayak and Paddle I wanted performance and safety I wanted high visabilty on the water, I chose the Color Yellow for the Kayak because it was one of the best colors to have high visabilty on the water and I chose a BB paddle that had orange blades--I wear a tan broad rim hat because when I wear a darker broad brim hat my bald head gets hot--

Akyka cap

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Akyka has a nice looking fluorescent orange cap - I use their paddle covers and like them alot. The hat looks good:


Oops, not a wide-brim hat, but nice nonetheless.

Hats for safety/sun protection
Somebody was looking for info on a hat for safety

and sun protection…I would recommend checking out

adapt-A-Cap Flippa…been useing one for about three

years…really love it…Made in Au…imported…I

just ordered a bright orange for visability and they

are out of stock…I’ll try again later…( I don’t

have anything too do with this company, so this isn’t

hype)…( sun protection australia)

I’ve worn exactly this hat
I’ve worn a red Seattle Sombrero for a few years. It is now quite faded but it has had much exposire to the sun.

From photos I’ve seen of me paddling weraing this hat (before it got so faded) it seems pretty visible.

I wore a black one until my head got
too fat for it. I liked it.

Wide brim hats
I want to thank all of you that responded to my request about a bright colored wide brim hat for kayaking. I especially thank Jackfish and mbslater for theire leads as the Vermont Army/Navy store had exactly what I was looking for. I now have them, and will be on the water in the ADK this weekend. Look for the Blaze Orange Boonie Hats.

Thanks again