Wide sized water shoes

I have been looking for years for wide sized water shoes (EEEE) for my husband. I must share that I have found some at last.

The company’s name is Propet. They have 5 styles. We haven’t tried them out yet, but they look like quality shoes.

I’m so happy that my husband will no longer have to suffer making do with Crocs in the Kayak!

If you’re in the same “boat” (so to speak), check them out at this website. I’m not affiliated in any way, just very happy to have finally found a wide water shoe!


Terry England

Thank you for the link
Dear Terry,

Thank’s for posting the link to these shoes. I have the same problem as your husband and it’s a pain to have try on 5 pairs of shoes to get something that sort of almost fits.

From the looks of these shoes I won’t have that problem any longer! And the prices are reasonable too!


Tim Murphy AKA Goobs

If he’s got 4Es, he doesn’t need a paddle.

Thank you
I also have EEEE feet. I have been using a pair of Mion water shoes for years and love them. Mion’s were made by Martin Keen after he left Keen Shoes. They are no longer in business.

Unfortunately last fall I went into a panic when I left my Mion’s at the Two Rivers take out on the Current River. I went wild searching the web for replacements and could find none.

Fortunately one of my paddling buddies picked them up at the take out after I had left and returned them to me. My Mions are my own once again.

Thanks for this valuable information. I looked at them on the web site and they look like a contender. I have that page bookmarked.