Wide water shoes

Can anyone recommend a water shoe that comes a little wider in the fore foot? I’m looking for a shoe with a substantial sole, and enough room through the fore foot that my leg doesn’t cramp. I wear a 10 2E in shoes that offer wide sizes.


Very Ugly Shoes
Mions will fit wide feet and have a thick soul. They are ugly and expensive if you pay retail. They were selling on eBay for discount prices last time I checked.

I wear a size 10 1/2 4E and the only water shoe I have found that fits is the Mion Flood Tide. However, they seem to have gone out of business and their website is no longer up. If you Google Mion Flood Tide you can find some sites that still have them, but I wouldn’t wait too long.

Thick souls
Most of us who have been paddling for a long time have thick souls. (And the more you paddle, the thicker it gets). Much better than being thick-minded, though. :wink:

I know you can get their shoes in wide and they have several water shoes. Not sure if they go that wide is all.

Second Merrills
I love this shoe:


Wide feet are no problem. There’s a strap on each side that runs from the sole to the laces to adjust for width. I need to get me another pair. I wore my first pair every day, including right through a full on Michigan winter. Yeah the mesh makes it a little cold while I’m outside, but my dogs have never been happier and drier at work. It’s like having the support and comfort of sneakers with the free breathabilty of sandals.


Forgive the spelling error
It was pretty early when I wrote that and I was not quite up to speed yet.

Nothing to forgive . . .

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I kinda liked it.* A good shoe does have some soul . . . I always felt. (That's why it's so hard to throw them away even after they are completely worn out).

*And forgive me for being persnickety. I was only having fun, but not really at your expense.

I wear an 11 1/2 2E, can wear 4E
and the Keen Taos works for me

Keen sandals with a partially covered/close toe…a little pricy (about $90-100 on average) but they wear very well.

I typically wear a 10-4E in regular shoes and I believe my Keen’s are their standard 10 or 11.

call around and use google for Mions
Mions can be found through Google or by calling around to see if an outfitter has some left. You have to dig a bit - but they seem to be worth the effort.

I found my first pair by accident - when I was planning on looking at Teva’s on sale. I bought one pair of Mions that day which was three weeks ago. I wore them and I got hooked.

I went back the next week and bought three more pair, and then I went on line and I’m now waiting for my 7th pair to arrive. That pair will come from EBay.

Some of the styles run big while some run a little small. Fortunately they are adjustible.

Merrills are forever though. I have a couple pair of them and they do not seem to ever wear out.

The other suggestions above
are nice but remember that you want a closed toe shoe that does not have anything hanging off that can get caught on your foot pegs or what not if you have to bail. I’ve got a big paw and I wear the Rodeo shoe from NRS. Not the sock but the shoe. I fing them comfortable for shore and not bad for swimming when practicing rescues and other such activities.