Wider Seat for Foster Legend: Found!!!

I made a post here a few weeks ago asking about putting a wider seat in my Legend. I found a great solution and wanted to share the solution here.

I really liked the seat in the Legend, but it was just too narrow for me, as it may be for a lot of folks–it is a pretty narrow seat.

I am used to paddling a NDK Explorer and wanted something closer to the width if the Explorer’s seat.

Well…johnysmoke from here on the forums did me a huge favor and sent me the seat he took out of his wider Foster Shadow.

The Shadow has a seat that is about 1.5 inches wider than the Legend, and is about the same width as the Explorer’s seat

Thanks to Wetzool here on the forums who provided me with a great idea I was able to retrofit the seat pretty easily.

With his advice, I bought a cheap plastic cutting board at Walmart. I then got a friend with a bandsaw to cut it into some smaller pieces to act as a spacer when hanging with wider seat from the Legend’s narrow seat hanger. I needed to take up 3/4 inch on each side and the cutting board is 1/4 inch thick so three spacers on each side worked perfectly.

I had to drill new holes in the seat since the seat sits at a different height in the Legend than it does in the Shadow, and had to get some longer bolts to take up the extra space.

With 3 spacer installed on each side with holes drilled through the center of them I was able to bolt the new seat in very securely.

The result seems great so far (sitting in the seat on the floor of my garage). I can’t wait to get it on the water.

The boat is still a little tight at the top due to the narrowness of the seat hanger, but overall feels much better for me.

I wanted to share this in the event that anyone else had the same problem with their Legend.

Seaward is very helpful and if you wanted to order a Shadow seat I am sure they could send you one for a reasonable price.

Great solution to the only shortcoming I have found with this boat.


Thank you!!!
By the way I really want to say thanks to John and to Wetzool for helping me out.

This forum has provided me with some great help from folks. In this case someone was willing to take spend the time and money to mail me a seat he no longer needed. That was really cool. And Wetzool took the time to respond to my post and email me with a great idea that solved my problem.

I really appreciate the random kindness to strangers and hope to pay it forward!

Things like this reassure me that there are some great people out there! Really awesome. Thanks!


Enjoy the Boat!
And the seat, happy paddling!