Wife needs "butt plugs"

After the paddle yesterday, my wife declared that she wants some butt plugs. To emphasize the need she stood up and showed me the two wet, brown spots on the back of her khaki shorts. Must … resist … bad … jokes …

Anyone know where to buy scupper plugs for a Perception Torrent? She also wants a nice seat.


You might want to check out Harmony’s web site…


aye carumba

now there’s a switch…
in my household it’s the wife telling ME I need a butt-plug (and it would have to be extra heavy-duty rated).

Check with Tom

Contact your dealer regarding the plugs.
As for the nice seat, it takes diet and plenty of stairmaster and spinning class.

Link photos so we can judge progress.

try here

Check With Tom
Those scupper plugs are just rubber plugs you can find at the hardware store, but dealers, and even manufacturers, charge outrageous prices for them. The trick is just knowing the right size, and at least for Ocean Kayak products Tom knows knows them all right off the top of his head.

Thanks guys
No more brown spots on the Khakis :wink:


I am amazed at the amount of

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restraint from fellow posters.

Where are we and what have you done to pnet?????


Torrent and butt plugs

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they are called "scupper plugs" FYI. Butt plugs are actually something you.......well I hope you know.

The Torrent is a whitewater boat and was designed to "drain" thru the scuppers, like most SOT kayaks, when water splashes over the gunwale. Scupper plugs will stop this drainage and create a VERY wet ass in whitewater and keep water from coming UP into the seat area in calm conditions.

question....why was your wifes rear "brown"? muddy river or....???


you mean like this?

I was just passing on her request
and thought it was funny.

We were out on flatwater (small creeks) and we just have a 14’ SOT and the Torrent and she tried out the Torrent for the first time. The water was quite dirty and about a foot lower than normal Summer levels.


you’re right
that is funny.

funny as Charles picture of a cow’s BP!



or this

in need of a plug?


If my wife…

…said she wanted a “…nice seat…” I’d have

ended up with a paddle wrapped around my head by

the third snicker.

Your restraint
is astounding, such comments from my wife would have resulted in me having a broken jaw…

Those yellow foam golf balls…

From now on when someone Googles
’butt plug’ , p.net will be referenced. That may be a first.