wild hog obstacle race

My partner and I are going to participate in this race on the Waccasassa River in Florida on the 25th of this month. We live in metro Atlanta, so we do not have time to do a practice/scouting run. Has anybody here participated in that event? I am told there is a very large log near the finish line that has to be crossed. I would love to see a picture of this, if anybody has one. Thanks,


visitning the Florida Competition Paddlers web site, they have links to this race and an email address for the race sponsor.

I did the race
Two years ago. But they didn’t put the big log at the finish that year. I was glad they didn’t. I don’t think I could have shoved my kayak across another one, much less crawl over it myself. I think the fastest kayak time that year was 1hr 58 min. It is a fun race & for a good cause. They usually set two boats off at a time. I’ve been thinking of doing it this year also. Have fun!

wild hog obstacle race
Thanks for the responses. I was told it is going to be tough, but there will be two of us in a tandem canoe, so maybe the lifting and dragging won’t be too tough. The log at the finish is what really interests me. Anyone know how big it is? Do they elevate it above the stream to make it even more of a challenge?

I don’t know how
big the log is but it shouldn’t be a problem with two of you. I think it is put there for the entertainment of those watching the finish line. The year I did it there were people sitting in the woods along the river just to watch. Every place I had to get out to shove my kayak over a log the water was never over my thigh, and I’m short. I did get pretty good at going under as many logs as I could though. KK

P.S. It’s not to tough or I couldn’t have done it.

I found a link to some photos
of the log at the finish line. Two ladies shoving their canoe over. You can do it!


Thanks, kayakrazee, for the link to the pictures. That is exactly what I was looking for. It does not look too difficult, more like fun. I can’t wait for the 25th!