Wilderness bar

Im in the prosses of developing a wilderness bar, has anyone made there own bars and what have you put in it

so far on my list is
dryed blueberries, dryed cherries, dryed apples, sunflower seeds, nuts, honey, brown suger, dryed cranberies, maby some oat meal and some ground jerkey

I thought you were talking about


You can put almost anything into your bar with that!


jack danials

I usually
I usually just carry along a little Irish Whiskey for hot cocco. I carry it in a pint sized platy.

Scotch scotch scotch
I love scotch!

Like this

Back on the subject …
I haven’t but my daughter’s kind enough to make me quite a few of her home-made tropical fruit bars before I leave for a long paddling trip. Using wild buckwheat, oats and honey as a base she adds various mixtures of dried fruits such as mango, sugar apple, coconut, papaya, cocoplum, huckleberry, sapodilla, peach, pear, fig, all sorts of plum. Not all of these fruits are put into the same bars but she provides me with enough variety in each bar (wrapping then listing the ingredients in each quarter-pound bar so I can tell her which ones I like best) that I never tire of eating them as snacks. Delish! Her pemmican is also great! I’m one lucky daddy!

yep good bars
One drink!

A flask of 25 year old Laphroig Scotch.

thats all thats in my bar…

Don’t forget the tiki lights!
I think a wilderness bar should have some tiki lights, tall stools that blend in with the natural surroundings and some perhaps some cool jazz playing.

That would be nice!


Martini Bar
It is photo #9 Kevin Callan’s wilderness martini bar. Don’t leave home without one.


easy wilderness bar recepie
1, 5 gal orange construction cooler 1,box country time lemonade yellow or pink wont matter after a few… i bag ice i bottle (QT) good vodka fill to the top w/ water shake cooler secure to canoe dont forget cups and if you want a fancy wilderness bar those lil umbrellas…caution dont drink and paddle …lol jack

I brought along a 16 oz Nalgen full of
Stoli Vanilla vodka last week while paddling in Voyageurs Natl Park.

It kind of took the cold off Friday night when temps dropped into the 20s, and the wind was howling at 15-20 MPH.

We just
We just finished off a 16 ounce Nalgene of Irish Whiskey on Sunday. It was a little chilly and hot coco and Irish Whiskey hit the spot.

Try this
Take that snack bar and lay it down. Mix some hot cocco with Baileys irish cream and drink that. Have several. Try the snack bar the next morning.