wilderness first aid class

I would like to take a wilderness first aid class. Any suggestions, live in TX.

Here you go.

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I am signed up for the Aug 10,11,12 class. Contact Tom Burroughs through the link below. I took his ACA Swiftwater Rescue Class last year and it was GREAT!

Good luck and thank you for wanting to improve on these skills. The rest of us appreciate it.



If you’re ever around Central FL
I can teach you Florida survival techniques. I’m not cheap, but I give classes concerning the entire state with its various flora growth zones, geographical make up and conditions where you will learn to not only survive but how to eat well, avoid dangerous plants, and stay comfortable under most adverse conditions. I’m red cross certified in CPR and 1st Aid.

Have fun!

Excellent idea!
I’ve taken WFA & CPR twice and I think I’m due for a renewal next year. I highly recommend it. A search on the web should turn up WFA resources in your area.

A couple of places to check

OK–next January is the course


Serious rescue/first aid…

It is offered periodically

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in the Dallas area. One of our Dallas Down River members coordinates getting the classes scheduled and getting people signed up. It is normally held in February or March, The link to WMI, who teaches the course is http://www.nols.edu/wmi

They do not have one scheduled in the Dallas area in 2007, so it will probably be 2008 before it is offered again.

SOLO (Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities) is outstanding.

They’re based in New Hampshire but it looks like they run some some WFA courses in new Mexico and Colorado.


Been through the SOLO classes twice, pretty good instructors. Friends went throught NOLS this past year, who had also been through SOLO, liked SOLO better. They both keep changing the classes, dropping stuff that they move to the WFR class. Good training though, whether SOLO or NOLS.

If you schedule it, they might come…
Most of the WFA teaching organizations will work with you to schedule a class if you put together enough participants to cover the instructor’s fees & costs. SOLO, Wilderness Medical Associates, Red Cross & others have been known to do this. First, I’d Google “Wilderness First Aid Texas” to see if you can find anything already scheduled local to you or within the distance you are willing to drive. There’s always a push to schedule classes before the summer camp season begins & many camps need WFA-certified leaders.

FYI- Philmont Scout Ranch now requires at least one person in each crew to have a current card in WFA. This requirement just started for the 2007 trek season & several Red Cross chapters in our area offered classes to help crews meet those requirements in February, March & April.

I took a SOLO WFA class this year and thought it was very good but have heard good things about classes offered by other organizations too.