Wilderness/Flat water Trips in the PNW

I’m looking for a 3-5 day [canoe] trip closer to home in the northwest, wash,oregon, n.cal, or possibly idaho… Does anyone have any suggestions/advice? Thanks!

Where you located?
I live in the Grants Pass, Oregon area. Not a lot of trips that are flat water in this area. Waldo lake would be a good choice though. It’s located by the Three Sisters Wilderness. Sparks or Hosmer lakes while aren’t Wilderness camping are very scenic. They all have canoe camp sites. Hosmer is popular for fly fishing. No power boats to worry about on any of the lakes I mentioned. I’m thinking of doing the Powell River this coming summer. It’s located north of Vancouver. A series of lakes connected by portage trails. It’s not too far north so could be a possiblity for you.

Hi Yaknot,

I’m just north from ya. I emailed you a while back from the CCR board.

Lake Owyhee
Lake Owyhee in SE OR is good I hear.