Wilderness Paddling Programs for Ages 11

Would you like your son or daughter to get hooked on paddling? Perhaps they already are and want more people “their age” to travel with.

In either case, Kroka Expeditions has the summer program you are looking for. From week-long expeditions for beginners to a month in the Canadian wilderness, we will keep your young paddlers moving. Rather than bog down the forum with more details, we will offer this link for those who want to learn more about our summer 2014 paddling: http://www.kroka.org/programs/prog_listing_summer_catalog.php?subcategory=Paddling

Kroka Expeditions is committed to awakening in young people a connection to nature and the spirit within, and a capacity for conscious living and compassionate service. We strive to achieve this through wilderness adventure, community living, farming, and the practice of traditional and indigenous skills.

Any parent that sends their eleven
year old son or daughter away in the wilderness on a paddling learning experience needs their head examined!

Jack L (father of eight children and sixteen grandchildren)

Looks pretty cool - not cheap however. Looks like they will learn real water skills.