Wilderness Phase 3 Seat Replacement

I have a Pungo 120 with Phase 3 seat…the seat back cushion is torn…anyone have any ideas on replacement…Wilderness makes a great kayak, but parts seem impossible to get.

Thanks, Joe M

Your Dealer Can’t Get it For You?

I called REI today, I was told it was going to take a week just to see if they can get it/price extra…

Find a “real” dealer
I shop at REI and like them for a lot of things, but having a good selection of paddling accessories is not one of them. If you don’t have another local shop I’ve had good success getting Wilderness Systems parts from shopgetoutdoors.com. They were able to replace a hatch for me even though WS no longer produced that part.

Phase 3 Seat
I think you can find the replacement here: