Wilderness Ride 115 vs. OK Prowler Big G

I’m trying to decide between these 2 kayaks for fishing small lakes(300 acres or less). They both weigh the same, but the Ride 115 is 15" shorter. How do you guys think they compare in ease of paddling, tracking, comfort? Thanks.

I have paddled both an OK Prowler and WS Ride (though it was the original Ride) and greatly preferred the Ride. In all respects - comfort, control, speed - the Ride was better. I thought the OK Prowler was a bit of a dog. It’s an adequate kayak and I wouldn’t turn anyway away from one, but compared to a Ride it wouldn’t get my money.

That said, everyone has their own window on the world. Get out and paddle them to see what YOU like.

  • Big D

Thanks BigD. Did you paddle the “Prowler” or “Big Game Prowler”? Because I’m asking about the Big Game. I’m leaning toward the Ride 115, but cannot find anyone around here that has one.