Wilderness System Cape Horn 150 seat options?

Hi I’d like to replace the original seat / backrest with a new seat/backband in my Wilderness 150 Cape Horn.

Where might I find a suitable replacement?


Can you post a picture of your current setup? It’s usually pretty easy to install a new backband if you’re happy with your current seat pan.

The seat is deck mounted with 2 screws on each side. Ideally I’d like to remove the whole thing and install a new base and a back-band.

The Cape Horn 17 Pro was my first kayak. It had an identical seat setup. I tried really hard to get it comfortable by replacing the back rest with a back band and adjusting mounting points which never worked. The seat was probably my least favorite thing about the boat. I sold the kayak before finding a solution. I recommend completely removing the seat and carving your own out of foam blocks.
If you decide you want to keep the seat and only get a backhand. Do a foam block instead of a backhand. When I put a backhand on my boat, it had to fit very far forward in the boat and made reentry more difficult, it was also easy to accidentally sit on the backhand getting in and this damaged my fiberglass.
Maybe some people like this seat setup, but I think it is not good, especially if you are using proper forward stroke. I think this is because the seat setup was designed for leisurely recreational paddling, not for sea kayaking. It is the same seat setup used on all their boats including the Pungo 120 which I am familiar with. The fabric on the seat also does not allow for easy hip rotation.

I was going to recommend Guillemot but it looks like they are currently out of foam seats:


Thanks guys. I’ll likely go with the WS back band and drill some holes behind the cockpit for the back strapping. Mainly using this as a teaching boat so re-entry is a primary concern vs. comfort.

Appreciate the quick feedback and ideas.