Wilderness System Cape Horn 150

Hello all, I’ve been paddling for about two years but on a SOT, the ex wife liked to paddle but didn’t like the feeling of being in the boat. Now on my own and still have the two SOT but am looking for a sit in. I’m looking at Wilderness Systems Cape horn 150, anyone have any experience with this boat, what do you think? Any comments would be appreciated, thanks in advance.


I Have An Older RM Model
I have the pre Phase 3 model with a rudder. I think it’s a great beginner boat. It tracks well and is very stable. On the negative side, it doesn’t turn well and the pre Phase 3 seat is not comfortable.

Try paddling it back to back with the Tempests and see what you think.

Cape Horn
I also have a RM Cape Horn - with the Phase 3 seat and rudder. My first boat. I found it to be stable and solid tracking. Spacious cockpit, adequate storage front and rear, some leakage. Day hatch is kinda a pain to access. Seat is comfortable (especially after I added a piece of 1/2" closed cell foam).

I ran the Current River in MO with it…but could hardly recommend that…it’s been great on the local lakes and has been forgiving in some rather windy, big waved weather. Rudder has been useful in a strong following wind but has been little used otherwise.

Good luck

thanks for the comments guys. All is helpful.

Oh Yeah, The Day Hatch
Water gets in the little day hatch cover on my Cape Horn. The Tempest has a much better set up than the CH.

who makes that or is it from wilderness systems also?

sorry, just got the specs from their site, how much more of a boat is it? Cost wise, up here the Cape Horn 150 is $1800.00 canadian, thats about the highest I can afford. What is similar in price but more boat?

If You Can…
paddle them side by side. The Cape Horn is a great beginner boat. The Tempest 170 or 165 are more serious rough conditions boats. You could actually save yourself a few bucks if you were comfortable enough in the Tempest to skip the beginner step.

You ever work a skeg? It’s easy.

Boat turns into wind… put skeg further down.

Boat turns away from wind… raise skeg a little.

WS Cape Horn 150
there are 31 personal user reviews of that boat in the Product Review section in that column to your left