Wilderness System Mallard

Found a Mallard for sale by Wildnerness Systems. It has great reviews, but it is older (2001?) Seems in great shape, few minor scratches on the hull… They are asking $100 and includes paddle and vest… Good price?

How would most of us know? What sort
of kayak is it, and what do you want to do with it? There are some used boats where I will cheerfully pay $1000, and some others where $100 is way too much.

Check out the reviews

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here at pNet. There are several on the Mallard, the most recent dated March 23, 2014. Quoting from that one:

"If you happen across one of these used and you are new to kayaking, consider yourself lucky and buy it as long as its in decent shape."

Test paddle it first, of course.

Looks like a good deal
and if you go to p-nets kayak reviews, this one gets good ratings.So it does’nt matter what most of us know about this yak What matters is whether it fits you and the fact that even buying a new cheap paddle alone would cost $100. Great package deal.Worth every penny.Enjoy !

I just looked at a picture of it
And it looks like a very nice recreational boat. Wildy’s old rec boats were so much better. Better plastic, better hull shapes, etc. If I were you, I would jump on it right away (if it’s in good shape).

if it walks like a duck…
assuming it fits you and the type of kayaking you like to do, it’s hard to beat the price.

where is this?
I’ll buy it

I like the mallard
It was my first kayak and I own three of them.

They are well built, stable, difficult to flip and can carry cargo.

Their downside is that they are slow boats and have no dry-storage.

I want my old mallard back!
It even surfed well! That was a fun boat.