Wilderness System Sealution

I’ve found a boat for 400 dollars that has always been stored inside that the owner says is possibly between 12-15 years old.

Here’s the ad:

Wilderness systems sealution sea kayak for sale. included with the kayak are pfd, neoprene spray skirt, paddle, cockpit storage cover and roof rack pads/straps. I have lake access at my home so it can be tested. There is also sufficient storage to take camping gear. I would compare the storage to a 4,500 cubic inch backpack.

what i’m asking is, is it a bad idea to buy a boat this old? Does the asking price seem good for it’s age? it seems to be in decent shape, i haven’t looked at it close up yet.

What do you think about the Sealution as well? I’ve read some reviews on here.

f It Has Indeed…
…been stored inside, it’s probably all right from a structural point of view - UV is what does the damage to poly boats. The Sealution is a venerable design - pretty big boat, as I recall - and perfectly adequate for most purposes as I remember it. I’d check the hull carefully, looking for signs of unusual amounts of ridging or hollows - most poly boats have some - and any abrasion damage, especially at the stern and bow. If it’s in good shape, it’d certainly be worth that to me.

just talked to the guy
he said that the only thing he knew that was “wrong” was that the way the previous owner had hauled it had caused the hull to warp slightly where there were some slight ridges on the hull that you could feel with your hand. i assume this probably isn’t good, but is it a deal breaker? i mean it probably can’t cut through the water as good and may cause some turbulence…

Sealutions came in different lay-ups and sizes…

But at $400 for boat and all accessories how can you go wrong? Buy it!

rotomolded plastic.

It has a big cockpit and the plastic
hull is fairly flexible.Sounds like a deal.

My brother got one
a few years from Rutabaga ago for $150 or $200

The plastic is fine, no structural issues. It was a snug fit for him (I can’t recall which model Sealution he has), and his first true sea kayak.

He anticipated getting in better shape and getting used to the fit of a sea kayak (he’s 6’3" size 12 foot, and kinda big). His was without rudder or skeg.

My husband paddles a Necky Narpa, and test paddled my bro’s Sealution. While it was really scary for my brother (used to rec boats), my husband (also a big guy) liked it’s responsiveness… but admitted it feeling “squirrely” on initial impression. He did think he’d be able to get used to it in time though.

I’d offer less for the boat ($275?), see if he goes for it. All he can say is no, and you can always offer more.

what they said.

The warpage under the hull can be significant in older Seals, tho it’s just a ‘little’ turbulence that will be the result.

$400 is a deal.


Good deal
Where is this boat? If you don’t buy it, let me know.

I’ve paddled sealutions and they perform just fine. I’ve paddled other boats with oil-canned bottoms and think the performance impact is more theoretical than noticeable.


i’ll post the link if I don’t buy it.

sealutions II
I have one and I like it fine. Bottom is a little wrinkly, I don’t notice, but all I have to campare it to is another old junker. Narrow enough to roll, tracks pretty good even without the rudder. There is also the Sealutions XL, which is a bigger boat.