wilderness system tsunami question

i wondered if anyone would like to share their thoughts about the tsunami 140? i currently have the pungo 120 and would like something under $2000.00 that would be good in open water with mild white caps and stronger waves…like for big lakes and wide windy rivers and harbours etc… . i’m 5-2" and have 7 yrs kayaking experience . want something managable and something i don’t have to freak out about if it gets some scratches.



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Depending on your weight, at 5'2" you might be more comfortable in the Tsunami 135. The narrower beam and lower deck might be more comfortable for you, and make it easier to have an efficient paddle stroke.

For the conditions you described, the Tempest 165 and Zephyr 155 might also be worth demoing.

There are other poly kayaks that work for smaller folks, including the Valley Avocet RM and the Necky Eliza

You really don’t have to freak out
when a composite gets scratches. With that budget, I’d consider a composite for longevity (maybe even buy a nice used boat that is pre-scratched). If you’ve been at it 7 years, you probably will continue paddling for years to come.

Your wieght also affects the recommendations. %'2" at 100 lbs is quite different than 5’2" at 300 lbs, and while the Eliza might be great for the former, the tsunami would be more appropriate for the latter.


what they said…

some pics of the 140 in action on the Oregon coast. a very capable boat in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing, which I assume you will become!


your weight will determine the need for a 135 (smaller) or 140.

Think about the Tempest/ Zephyr option as well.


tsunami or tempest
thanks, i weigh 150, it’s hard to find a used one in our area.(northern nh) i’ve looked on pn and on craigs list.i started looking last year. so that’s why i’m looking at new. i’m afraid if i don’t pick the right boat that i will want the next one up in a short amount of time. so i want to get it right . i’m going to try and find a demo place but all are so far out of our area.i know it will be worth the trip, but have to try to find them. any suggestions on how to search it?

NH dealers

Did you try using the dealer locator? Just call ahead and find out what they’ve got availible to demo.

Demo day season is coming. If there’s a manufacturer demo day coming and there’s a particular model you’re interested in, the manufacturer rep might be able to bring one for you.

A few I know of:

Alden of Sunapee usually has a good inventory, but I didn’t see either of those Tsunami models in their online list. They do have a demo Tempest 165.

Contoocook Canoe has a manufacturer demo day coming up in May.

The EMS and LL Bean stores in Lebanon look they they have a good stock of WS boats.

love my TSUNAMI 135!

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At 5'2 I'm betting the 135 would be better than the 140. I'm not that small (read fat), and I had to install hip pads in my 135 as it was. The bonus with the 135 is it's a little more narrow too (not as piggish as the 140).

The boat handles great, and sails well to wit a 2.2sq mtr PA sail. And in terms of durability, I drag mine all over he!! and it's holding up great (sailed it up on shore at speed last weekend out of laziness).


contoocook canoe
i called the owner there today , very nice, and i put a deposit on the eliza, they are having a sale this weekend) but now i’m not sure. alot of people don’t seem to like this boat, he doesn’t think the tsunami is the right boat for me. i need to go down there and get in some boats. unfortunately i am out of the area on their demo day and can’t get out of my commitment. but want to take advantage of the sale ugh!!! isn’t that always the way? do you have any demo dates anywhere else in nh that i might be able to attend?

the 135 is awesome
quick and agile! and I was surprised how stable it feels when getting in, as well as on edge. I bought one for my son to paddle but at 5’9" 170# even I fit in it fine, so it would probably suit you well.


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I don't know of other scheduled demo days. Your best bet is to use the WS dealer locator and Google "NH kayak" and start calling stores. Even if you can't demo on the water, test-sitting might narrow the options.

Anywhere near here?

you can wait a bit and are willing to take a drive you might want to come to Paddlefest in the Adirondacks of NY. You could demo the Eliza and other Neckys, the Tsunamis, Tempests and Zephyrs from Wilderness Systems as well as a host of other brands.

In fact, you would have a pretty good chance of meeting one of the designers of the Tsunami, Tempest and Zephyr series. I’m sure he could help you pick out a good boat. His name is ‘flatpick’ and he sometimes posts replies on the your thread you started :slight_smile:

Adirondack Paddlefest is May 15, 16 and 17 in Old Forge, NY. http://mountainmanoutdoors.com/SpecialEvents/AdirondackPaddlefest/tabid/92/Default.aspx

You also might aquire some valuable knowledge by attending some of the seminars. This one, by a guy named Steve, is pretty dern good: http://mountainmanoutdoors.com/SpecialEvents/AdirondackPaddlefest/Presentations/tabid/120/Default.aspx#Understanding_Boat_Control



have you thought of a capella 16’6"?

i am 5’4"- 5’‘5" 130 to 140 # right now .

i paddle a capella in the worst kind of stuff and am very pleased.

a poly 16 " capella would be less than $2,000 canadian < $1,600.00 US

there are some other great boats out there too.

i would likely move toward a true sea kayak and aim for a coast.WS CD and lots of others have nice boats in this range.

i would look at 16’ as a standars and while 15"6" may be ok i would not go much below that.

good luck.


thanks WET!
nice plug! :slight_smile:

yep, this demo day/ EDU event will help set ya straight and is a pretty FUN time in a beautiful place…if the snow don’t blow and the bugs don’t bite!


demo days
all the demo days i am seeing are on my weekend that i have a business commitment that i can’t get out of.but contoocoot canoe and kayak will let me try out any boat any time i think. so i think that’s where i’ll go. i would LOVE to drive to ny for this event, but this work thing is @#/! well, you know.something always get’s in the way of fun!!! darn. thanks though.