Wilderness Systems 2019 Pungo Console

How does the new console attach to the comb? Is it safe to car top with the console attached or should it be removed each time?

No, you do not want to car top with it. From the Wilderness site:

“The Kayak Konsole features an 8” (20.3 cm) Orbix locking hatch, universal cup holder, mesh pocket, and gear tray that have quickly made it a favorite among anglers, photographers, and anyone who wants to have access to important items while paddling. Easily accessible dry-seal hatch provides a secure compartment for your electronics or water sensitive gear.

Secures via bungee to cockpit rim
Mesh bag includes key “fob”
Easy to attach
Dimensions: 17" x 17¼" (43.2 cm x 43.8 cm)
Compatible with the following Wilderness Systems models:

The new “Dashboard” does not attach with shock cord. Step 1 - Attach the front, Step 2 - Pull it to one side to attach that corner, Step 3 - pull it to the other side to attach the last corner. Follow those steps backwards to remove.

It is not secure enough to leave on while transporting via vehicle/trailer, I would remove it every time.

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Thanks everyone - I bought this Pungo (a returned kayak) at an LL Bean Outlet. In the meantime, I messaged WS on their Facebook page and received a reply: “The new Console uses bushings/spacers bolted on the inside rim that allow it to snap on to the Pungo’s cockpit rim. " At the time of my purchase, the console was already installed and I had a hard time removing it before car topping) but eventually I used a used a screwdriver which marred one of the plastic covers. So if it snaps on/off easily I try putting back on today.- I built a plywood deck for my former Pungo 140’s that lasted for years and once held a 43” striper. I can’t imagine angling anything bigger than smaller fish with this console. Thanks again!