Wilderness Systems Customer Service

Has anyone ever had any luck reaching someone at WS/Confluence Watersports? I’ve emailed and called and have received no reply. It seems that they’re a company that sells lots of product but doesn’t care about their customers.

Flatpick here on the forum seems to
be the best resource that is available to us…

send him an email if you can…he might be able to help you along…


Time of year
This time of year is very busy for boat manufacturers. They are usually traveling from show to show. Jersey Paddler is this weekend and before that was Canoecopia in Wisconsin. The last weekend in March is Kittery Trading Post’s show. Usually means all hands on deck for the shows.


this is steve @ CWS…how may I help you???


No problems here…

Proud owner of 2 WS boats that I’ve never had any problems with…good to know you’re out there “just in case!”


No Big Problem But…
what’s the status of Kudzu’z sexy new 'glass T165?

they had it all done and some bozo in shipping dropped and busted it all up so… they’re building you a new one.


how the heck do I know… i’m 3000 miles away from the composite shop.

when was it suppose to be done??


Had great service dealing
directly with Confluence right after I got a Tempest 165 (RM)from a dealer in South Carolina. Called the customer service rep and she LISTENED to what was needed, checked the problem with one of the “tech reps”,filled me in on what had happened and what the solution was, and sent me a new aft hatch cover as part of the lifetime warranty. It fit very well (as in No Stinking Leaks when put on correctly), and the problem was completely solved with one 10 minute call. It’s my 3rd WS kayak, and I’m pleased with the service.

Not who you know, it’s who you…
…buy your kayak from. Last year I had a problem with my Sundance seat. I broke it where it attached to the yak at the seat base.

I took it back to Rutabaga. They told me to “wait.” 20 minutes later they told me that WS/Confluence Watersports had authorized giving me a new kayak as a replacement. I don’t think that would have happened had I bought the Sundance at a big box type store. It’s important to buy your kayaks from a dealer who sells a lot of the brand of yak that you’re considering purchasing. It can only help when a problem arises.

agree on the dealer
The dealer where you purchase is important.

But the waiting for a new kayak to arrive is called impaitence.

Have two Tempest 165 kevlars on order, hope they show up before the end of the month.


should be there
Get Outdoors just got it and she’s ready (or close) to be picked up!


that was good
but you forgot to mention that they’re really gluing all the pieces back together.

You da MAN!
Thanks Steve. I’ll call tomorrow. Fixin’ to go to pool skool this evening.

gluing together with silicone :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been getting the run-around (as well as no responses) all winter from Confluence in regard to a lost kayak adjustable footrest. Email after email have gone unanswered, and phone calls looped endlessly through automated answering systems. Once I got referred to some regional rep, and got no responses from there either.

One inquiry at Canoecopia, and I got introduced to a Confluence Customer Service Specialist. I shared my tale of woe, and he promised me immediate action. He came through, I had a replacement within a week.

No complaints from me any more, plus I have the name of somebody who I know will take care of any more probs which may come up.

cYa, Jim