Wilderness systems duralite

While at the kayak fest this past weekend, they made it sound like the pungo duralite’s were new. but I’ve seen some posts/classified ads talking about 2007+ models.

what’s the story with the duralite? why were the older ones solid color and now they’re 2 color? Does that mean something was wrong with the older ones? If I loved a 2009 duralite pungo, will a 2007 be just as good?

I’m confused…please advise!


not sure that
the new “Ultralite” is the same as the old “Duralite”.

but, I do have an '08 Duralite Tsunami and it’s great, no issues.

dura vs ultra
NOT the same.

discontinued Dura last year. a thin rotomolded product. too many issues.

new is ultra. WS version of airalite, a thermo formed laminate similar to Eddyline’s material.


ok, I see where my confusion has
come from. the guy at the show last week called the new one duralite. I looked at the website and see where it is called ultralight and looks totally different.


which boats are available
in the new material? The T170? Zephys? I love the Eddyline stuff, just wish they made boats that were more to my taste.

Tarpon 120 and Pungo 120.

Perception- Essence, Carolina and Tribute12

not my choice for Heavy Duty boats.


why is that
Its simply thinner? hence the weight savings? just wondering.

not thinner ,completely different.

IMO Thermoformed laminates do NOT make good HD boats. OK for medium duty just not good fore crash/burn paddlin’ style.


Eddyline thermoformed boats
What about the S18, Fathom, etc.? They’re pretty tough boats. One rock gardener down here in particular enjoys his Nighthawk “on the rocks”. :wink: Didn’t you used to paddle a thermoformed Merlin in a previous life?