Wilderness Systems Kaos

Was just wondering if anybody surfs with this boat. The real ? is " has anybody tried fishing off one of these? My son thinks that this might work for both situations. I’m not so sure. Surfing will be the primary use. Any feedback would be appreciated…

surf yeah
fish…ah…not really.

the wide, flat bottom and hard chine makes it pretty tippy when you just sit still. It’s made to surf.

btw- this boat got re-branded and is now a Dagger. same boat, different brand.


Thanks Steve…
I know about the rebranding…He’d be using it out of Pensicola. I didn’t think it looked like a fishing boat. I have a O.K. Scupper Pro T/W that would be perfect, but he doesn’t think it surfs well (and it doesnt

't on Lake Erie without broaching alot)Surfing is the priority, but he wanted to do some fishing of it too.

I have fished from a Kaos

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It's not a great fishing platform, that's for sure. But, it works if the primary use is surfing. No reason you "can't" do both with it.

Beach Aviator here has posted a lot of pictures where he is fishing from his Kaos around the surf.

As Flatpick said, it's a little tippy when sitting still. He might consider some way to rig a rod for trolling if his fishing style is suitable. Of course, you can't have any "junk" hanging off the boat when surfing. So maybe some kind of strap or something. I've rigged something. It wasn't a work of art, nor did I put much time or thought into it. I'm sure with some creativity something could be done to hold a rod for trolling.

Well Brian, He is a civil engineer…
He just relocated to Pensicola NAS a couple weeks ago. Gonna be a jet pilot…I’m sure he can rig something up…It’s an early Christmas present for him…thanks for the reply

Folks fish off of longboards here…
You could probably do it. No room for junk, it would have to be bare bones gear. Definitely a fun boat to have around surf. Maybe look at the Cobra Revision or Ocean Kayak Scrambler if he wants to do both.

What a great gift Dad
You must be so proud of him. I gotta spend some time with you and catch up on stuff.

thanks for those options,
I’ll suggest them to him…

Extremely proud…
In this case, the apple fell FAR, FAR, FAR away from the tree…THANK GOD!

How far did that apple fall?
The reason I ask is I know what an absolute perfectionist and stickler you are for your gear. If he gets a Kaos, he will get a large dent in the bottom of it deforming the hull shape. Sucks, but that’s the way it is unless it’s been recently fixed.

The Kaos and Cobra Strike are both surf boats and I’ve paddled both and bought a used Strike. The Strike is a better designed boat. If he’s serious about the fishing side of things, I would check out that Cobra Revision mentioned here. If he’s 95% just into the surfing part, I’d check out the Strike.

You are welcome to try mine. So is he, but I don’t know how the logistics would work if he’s in Florida.

Seen A Lot Of Kaos Out On The Breaks…
and mostly I haven’t been impressed (from the stand point of surf kayaks and waveskis). Today, we had a nice expression session from Hanna swells. One guy was surfing a Kaos. He ripped. Full control, cutting back and forth. So, as with most of this paddling stuff, it’s the driver that makes the most difference.

Stability – heck, again the driver. That thing is pretty wide. Outside of the surf zone, I don’t see how it can be tippy. Didn’t observe the guy today having any problem stay upright even in the break zone. And, he is a 200 lbs plus guy.


Far from tippy …
But most fishing kayaks are built like Barcaloungers

Fisher types probably don’t have the same perspective as a waveski surfer. Most of the fishing kayaks I see don’t resemble kayaks at all, and will all the junk those guys take with them, hard to believe sleek Inuit kayaks were designed to be fishing boats.

Heck, I Flyfished From My 18" SOF…
granted I had to outrigger with my GP to give some stability when casting to the sides rather than to the front.