Wilderness systems Pamlico 100

Hello all,

My wife just bought me credit to buy a Kayak for our anniversary and I was wondering if anyone had any advice about the one I think I have chosen. I am new to kayaking and will be using it on a lake as well as rivers and creeks to work out and to fish. (mostly Missouri)

Wildernes Systems Pamlico 100

Has anyone had any experiance with this model?

It is kind of a bare model but I plan on modifying, any suggestions?

All comments appreciated.


decent low-end
vessel. plenty stable and maneuverable. The Pungo tracks better.

how big are ya? the 100’s only 10’ long. if you are a ‘healthy’ lad, it maybe kinda smallish.



Thanks for the comment.

Although I am a Med student I would have to agree that I am a bit “HEALTHY”. One of the reasons I am getting the kayak is to get myself working out a bit more to get rid of some of this extra “healthiness”.

I looked at the Old Town Durigo 106 but the front was a bit tight (for comfort) on my legs. However when I sat in the Pamlico it was more open.



Test paddle!!! Test paddle!!
Know how the interstate can be a lady or a beast depending on the time of day? Whimsy of the weather? Lakes and rivers are temperamental too. Play with different boats under different conditions. Where are you? Maybe you can find a bud who’ll lend you a boat or a good shop having a demo day. Bought my first boat too fast and now, as much as I try to deny it, she’s beached. Feels like I’m cheating on her when I go out in the new boats…there she is…sad and lonely…what a reward for my first boat.

I’m a bad person.

Must go apologize to boat.

Don’t marry the first pretty girl you see.

Play the field newbie1, play the field!

the big, open cockpits are nice and roomy. so a B I G guy may find the 120 or even 140 a better fit. BIG guy = B I G boat.

If I didn’t exercise I’d weight 300. 4 favorite words in the English language - ALL YOU CAN EAT.



IMHO, 10’ is just too short.
I wouddn’t paddle anyuthing less than 12’.

Agree with string. And even 12 feet…
…is pushing the limits of shorteness. 14 plus would be better, and 16 plus would be best (unless you;re only going to use in very small creeks).

I’ve got one…
I bought a 1 year old used Pamlico 100 this spring as my first boat. I chose it over a Pungo because it’s hull is supposedly a bit better suited for river paddling in addition to flatwater. It’s got a huge roomy cockpit that I can sit my 4 year old in between my knees, so that was a plus for me. I don’t have a whole lot of tracking issues and it’s size is manageable for me (being a relatively short woman with a minivan I have to cartop on) when I’m alone.

Over all, it’s a decent boat with a decent starter price tag.

Pamlico 100
I paddled a Pamlico 120 last year for a while. I’m 6"4" and it worked well. I think the Pamlico 100 would be a little small, especially for fishing. The 120 had excellent stability and a roomy cockpit. I had the Phase 3 light seat which also is a worthwhile upgrade.

I own a Pamlico 140, and it’s great. Even though I’m small, I fit into it okay. Have you heard about the 120? It’s a 12-foot pamlico. You may like it. Wilderness systems said the Pamlico 120 has plenty of leg room that you would enjoy.



One year from purchase…
You will be on here trying to sell the boat and attempting to buy a fast touring boat, or a whitewater boat, or a fishing sit on top, or a sea kayak. If working out and learning is your main priority at this time kick in some extra bucks and get a Prijon Calabria or a Liquid Logic Pisgah. Its doubtful you will outgrow those boats, they are excellent for learning and they have a nice length without being full on touring boats.

Karnac predicts that you will have many boats should you like paddling.

My two cents and dont forget to demo.


What Fatguy said…
I bought a Pamlico 100 as a first boat and sold it a year later looking for something more along the lines of a touring kayak. If you really enjoy paddling, I believe you’ll outgrow it quickly. For its intended purpose it’s not a bad choice, also makes a good second boat for wife, kid, friend without tying up too much $$.

I am in on that to
I had a 12 foot boat. Now I have a 9.5. I miss those 2.5 feet. I don’t use it for anything where i even need the room. I don’t camp out of it or anything, but it was nice to have the room. 12 to 16 foot is nice for recreation and growth.