Wilderness systems "Pamlico 100"...

I have recently bought a Wilderness systems “Pamlico 100” (a 10’ long small boat, with wide open cockpit and no bulkheads). I know it’s basically a recreational kayak for lake, pond ,or protected water paddling.

I was wonderting if it’s okay to paddle on Lake Tahoe or Lake mead (big lakes) where the water is deep and sometimes windy?

Please advise if you have experiences on paddling a similar small kayak. Thanks.

Owned a Pam lico 100

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a couple years ago. I wouldn't go further from shore than I'd want to swim. I capsized it in Lake Natoma and with the standard foam blocks, the cockpit coaming was barely above the water. Any attempt to get in was impossible. Several days later I put a large beach ball in the rear and a small float bag up front. There's not much room up front. It helped somewhat, but still very nose-heavy and very unstable.

You want to be really mindful on Tahoe
Winds can pick up suddenly and the water can go from pancake flat to 3-4 ft wind waves in 20 minutes and those waves can swamp your boat quick. Invest in some flotation bags, a good PFD and a skirt and learn to capsize and get back in your boat and you will be ok.