Wilderness Systems Pamlico 100

Looking for a used Pamlico 100 or 120 for kicking around on easy rivers (class I or less) and/or lakes. I am 6’ 230lbs. I know the 120 is probably a better option but does anybody have any feedback on someone my size in the 100 model? WS says 300lb wt. limit…is that accurate? Thanks!

Pamlico 100
My friend is 6’1 and he test drove the 100 and120. He felt the 100 was way to small (short) to be comfortable for long

Appreciate the feedback.

10’ = Barge.
have you tried any 12’ boats?

I am used to paddling WW boats that are slow and don’t track well. I found a Jackson Regal cheap…cheap…cheap. Paddled it Saturday and it did very well on a FW section of river that had a few mild rapids mixed in. I think it is exactly what I am looking for for this kind of water. I paddle an IK on the II/III stuff. I also tried out a 120 Pamlico that a friend had and the Regal fit me better. Also…surprised how comfortable the molded in seat was. On the river almost 4 hours with about a 20 minute break. Pulled my legs up for a stretch every now and then and was good to go.