wilderness systems rudder foot pegs

I have 2 wilderness tarpon 140 with the rudder system. We have used them approximately 20 times and the foot pegs are starting to stick. How can I fix this? It is extremely frustrating trying to steer with the rudder, and it won’t budge. Should I try to replace the foot pegs, and if so where would I get them. I haven’t found a site yet that sells them. Thanks, 77petals

slide the pegs all the way out of the brackets and clean them with soap & water, then spray the plastic with some kind of plastic safe lube. or even 301…

that’d be 303. and yes that works.


Yeah 303… L 301 is the OLD formula…

And here I thought that WD-40 was impressive because it underwent 39 trial formulas before they hit on the right one. Three-hundred and two varieties!


you ever use formula 409? L

CRC 6-66?

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We always used CRC on our outboards. They say it won't attack rubber like WD-40.