Wilderness Systems Sealoution Pro


The necky elaho did not work out and it was already sold. But i stumbled upon what i feel like is a very good deal. The person currently wants 1100$ for the kayak. Ill be using it for the chesapeake bay and florida when i get back down there. What do you guys think of this kayak, is it worth the 1100 dollars?


I really appreciate the input you guys give!

  • Thank you!

deal only if it fits you
given this is much larger than Elaho. Can you at least sit in the boat or better yet paddle it? Price seems a bit high compared to more contemporary boats with one piece hatch covers.

The necky elaho i was looking at was the same size just different feel to it. I have yet to jump in and see how it feels but price wise if it did fit me inside (5’7 165 pounds) is is a good deal?