Wilderness Systems Sealution ll XL

any off you have one…? any comment.

i saw one use in the paper…and i am looking at it and look for any comment about it.

i am 6 feet 240 pound.

will use it for fishing and paddling for fun.

no oceans or rapids.



I missed a great deal on one when
I was looking for my first kayak.As I recall, the cockpit is huge. For what you want to do, it s/b fine.

Yup, a good older model. A lot of people still like them. Stock seat has a high back which seems to be comfortable but can get in the way during a self-rescue, not a big deal. I would check out the boat before buying, alot of times the footpegs can be messed up because it has a clip into a rail system or they be just too short for someone of height.

Also check the bottom, I have seen Sealluttions with some serious oil canning. Usually comes from improper storage or too much time on a straigtht bar car rack. Also under the hatches is a neoprene cover, make sure those are in good shape to insure the front and rear compartments are watertight, an important safety thing.

If the boat looks good, it will do well for your stated purpose.

We have one
My husband has one and likes it. 6’3" tall, size 13 feet, 36" inseam. He fits in there fine, and uses it when he wants a stable boat for long day touring trips and/or trips though some light rapids. It will oil can if not cared for properly, although we got the dents out with some bricks in the sunshine for a day or two. Hatches and bulkheads are still secure, even after heavy use. A good all around boat, not fast, but stable, durable, and steady.