Wilderness Systems Sealution SS

Does anyone have any informtion or experience with this kayak. I have one (I think) that I haven’t tried yet, but I think it’s too small.

It’s light, but don’t know if it’s kevlar, probably not. Doesn’t have bulkheads, came with one air bag. Do you need two?

Have been able to find very little information on this boat. Thank you.

Need two bags
I have paddled several Sealutions, in plastic and fiberglass, and I liked the boats. But I have never seen one without bulkheads. The “ss” must be something different, so I can’t help you there.

But you absolutely need bags in both ends of the boat to avoid the dreaded “cleopatra’s needle,” where one end of the boat sinks and the other points at the sky. The weight of the water in the sunken end makes it difficult to rescue the boat.

A difficulty with bags in a boat with no bulkheads is fastening the bags so that they stay in the boat. Make sure you secure the bags, again to avoid the cleopatra’s needle, and to keep from loosing the bags in transit. This advice based on painful experience!


My Necky Looksha Sport came
without a front bulkhead. It was possible to connect the rear corners of a bow float bag to the front end of the foot brace/pedal structure. I installed a front hatch kit just to make such work more convenient, but I think one might be able to do the connection without hatch access.

If it had been a glass hull, I would have glassed in connection points.

Probably Kevlar…
I had a RM poly Sealution for a short time and saw what I am sure was a stripped down kevlar looking Sealution on a roof rack.

Check out this review

The seats in old WS kayaks of that era
leave a lot to be desired. I had an old Arctic Hawk and I finally took the broken plastic seat out of it and installed a foam seat from Chesapeake Light Craft.

I’ve owned a ss for twenty years and I use it as my primary. It was a great find then and I’m always looking for another one. I’m 5’8"/ 155# and it’s a great fit for me . Lightweight, due to no bulkheads/hatches, east to truck top. High winds and 2 to 3 ft. waves, certainly test your abilities. If you find it not right for you, let me know. Thanks

I Would Sell It
I’m in Kent Island, Maryland, bandwagonforever@yahoo.com

Thanks for the informtion, some of which is crucial. Thanks.

Sealution ss
If you are considering selling, let me know how much and if anything is included ,IE paddle,vest. what color is yours? Thanks Jim

I know this is an old forum but does anyone know what material the plastic sealutions are made with? I have some pretty serious scratches I’d like to repair.

I think they are rotomolded