Wilderness Systems seats

How long do these flash seats last, before the things start to falls apart i.e plastic clips etc



Seems pretty tough
I don’t know if the boat’s been out long enough to have good reliability data on the seat. How long has the boat been out, anyway?

The seat, straps, and fittings seem pretty tough though. I give mine a workout at 260 lb, and roll sessions every week. Only since July this year though.

I’ve removed the seat and re-installed it just to check it out, and the strapps and fittings seem pretty tough to me.

There’s foam support blocks glued on to the underside of the seat pan for some extra support. I’ve wondered if those would come lose eventually.

I’ve also wondered how long the fabric will last, especially if not rinsed well after clorine or salt water use.

To me though, if you like the seat for fit and function, it’s easy to swap to a new seat if one fails. I’d be interested to know the cost of a replacement seat.

Paul S.

you mean the phase 3 seats?
i have seen some that have lasted for years under harsh rental conditions…no brekage that i know of-save 1…the female clip onthe back of my back band split…sewn in…not too worried though right now…should get a new one…

hey flatpick!

be easy to replace that clip???or the whole back band???


which one?
I can send ya one if i know which?


email sent

phase 3
thanks for the response, all helps and gives me a bit of peice of mind. Currently own a Tsunami 145(partners) and a Tempest 170 (work boat) and look at investing in a 180pro and just covering all bases before the money is handed over


Yes, phase 3 in T180 Pro
I should have included above, though it’s in my profile, I own the T180 Pro, and was of course refering to the phase 3 seat in that boat.

Paul S.

Can’t buy just the seat.
A few years back I had a customer come in to my shop and he wanted to update his Wilderness System Kayak (Don’t remember the exact model, but it was one that was currently selling with the Phase III). I was told by Confluence that they did not sell the seat separately. I asked if they would sell one to me if I personally guaranteed that my shop would install it in the Wilderness Systems kayak. I was told no. If the customer wanted the seat he would have to buy the kayak to go with it. I understand why a manufacturer would not want their new seat in another manufacturer’s kayak, but I felt bad when I had to send my customer away to continue paddling in his Wilderness Systems kayak with the older, less comfortable seat. Steve, is this still Company policy?


Western Canoeing & Kayaking

phase 3
I emailed Wilderness Systems about a month ago asking if the Phase 3 seat was available separately, how much it would cost and where I could order one … I never received a reply. This thread leads me to believe that WS does not sell the Phase 3 separately.

unfortunantly. when we re-designed the Tempest seat, wider and lower and more comfy, they agreed to let a few of these go out the door without boats attatched. but ONLY a few and ONLY to dealers who were going to do the swap. it was like pulling teeth.

they feel that the P-3 seat is golden, which it sorta is.



What about break/fix.

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Maybe this is a hypothetical question as I'm sure this would never happen, but will Confluence sell a seat to a dealer for a customer with an irreparably broken seat, after the warranty has expired?

Edit: Confluence could require the return of the broken seat so that there are no net additional seats out in the field.

Paul S.

Phase 3 seat will sell a kayak ; - )
I love my seat!! Especially compared to the seat that was in my Romany (until I cut it out and replaced it).


yes- legitimate
any legitimate requests for parts, even beyond warrenty, will be taken care of.

this is where customer service can really shine— or not. a big part of my job is field CS!


the plastic Chatham came out in 2005
By 2006 they had replaced the seat. The original (a black foam monstrosity) was aweful: put your legs to sleep in no time flat. Unfortunately that’s the model that I bought. But paid for the ungrade and replaced the seat as soon as I found out. And IS THE NEW SEAT NICE!!! Sooooo comfortable, I love it. I don’t know how they did it. Sometimes I suspect they snuck in while I was asleep on my stomache and took a cast at night …

(By the way, Mary–or anyone else who is interested–the seat and be bought separately)