Wilderness Systems Skookumchuck 21'

Hoping someone on this website is a kayak historian. I got what I think is a great deal on this 21’ Wilderness Systems Skookumchuck. It was under a deck for years, filthy with wasps and rats living in it. Took me hours to get it cleaned up and verify the make/model. I primarily kayak fish class II rivers and have a Jackson Kayak that I love. This boat was just beautiful… and is it possible to pity a non living object? This boat belongs on the water!! Now that I have it cleaned up and am making improvements, I want to make sure I’m not investing too much into it. Anyone have any background on this boat? I found a few places that suggest it was a very expensive boat in the 90s. Is this an iconic boat I should hold on to, or should I try to make some money and sell it at a profit?

Never heard of it. Can you post a photo?
I want to see it.


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What you have is a tandem sea kayak 21' 92lbs $4000 new retail. 1991 vintage. If you were shopping for a tandem, congratulations. How much did you steal it for?

You won’t like it all on class 2
but get on some open water with a strong partner and you’ll feel like you are flying

I am working on putting a picture up now… largely a reader and not a poster on here, so I’m new to posting.

I got it for $200. I have put some money into high end fiberglass cleaner and wax… also borrowed a pressure washer to help out. Still going to sand and paint the seats dark gray, replace all shock cord, and make a hatch lid (missing one)

Let’s see if this works.


I’ll give you $300 for it

link to an image album
Open a free image/photo posting account (Yahoo’s Flickr works fine and is fairly easy) and upload your photos to that, then paste a link to it.

The goo.gl protocol you used rarely works.

I would
Say you got a good deal. I would clean the hull with some soft scrub.

Can you use a tandum?
if you think it could come in handy to have a 2 seater, you could definitely do worse. But do you have room for it?

does it float?
Any major leaks?

$200 is $200. A good bath and it’s a serviceable tandem. Congrats on the find!

FWIW I met my wife in a Skook. 26 years ago

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