Wilderness Systems Tempest 165 or 170?

I’m thinking about buying a used Tempest 165 for a great deal. I was hoping to get some feedback on sizing and which model would be a better fit me. I’m 5’ 10" and 165 lbs with a slim build. I’ve read through some previous posts and it seems like people having mixed thoughts for my approx height and fit. Some folks say that height is too tight of a fit for the 165 and to look at the 170 instead while others say it is just fine. If its any consolation, I am planning to use the kayak mostly for day trips and likely a handful of multi day trips throughout the year. Thanks in advance!

For me the 165 is by far the better boat. Here’s what you do… move the seat back. Unless the folks at Wilderness Systems have changed it you’ll need to move the seat back a couple of inches for the boat to feel right. I’m about your size.

165 and do what Rex said. Others same experience.

Plus one…

Agreed with others; 165 is your man.

Yep. 165 is the best size for your stated size and purposes.

Thanks for the feedback guys, you’ve sold me. I’m gonna see if I can snag this baby! :slight_smile:

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Pics or it didn’t happen!

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