Wilderness Systems " Tempest 165 Pro ": or Boreal Designs "Baffin C1"

Looking for input as to how these kayaks compare. I’m interested in the composite version. Both kayaks are designed for the lighter paddler, I’m 125lbs. Looking for paddlers that have seat time in both boats. I realize that I will need to spend some of my time to also evaluate both kayaks. Just trying to utilize this resource

I’ve paddled a Baffin and I really like them. They have a chined hull and I would expect one to be a bit sportier than a Tempest.

They are both good boats though and just about the same size although the Tempest has a slightly larger cockpit.

Is there any place you can demo one of each?

I own a 165Pro and was thinking of replacing it with the Baffin. There isn’t a place nearby for test paddles. I thought the Baffin might be a little more performance. What about straight ahead speed and tracking?

I have a Baffin, though it’s a P2. I love my boat and have no plans of selling it. The Baffin has a very low back deck (~8" if I recall correctly) so they definitely aren’t cargo ships. It gets up to speed quickly enough, though it’s a little tougher to keep there than some other designs. The composite may be a bit better in this regard. I find it very comfortable and extremely stable and well mannered. The dial skeg works well, though it relies on a bungee for downward pressure. The Boreal hatch covers are super nice. Most pictures don’t accurately show how much rocker the boat has (I’ll attach a pic for reference).

I’m actually considering buying another boat with a bit more room and better hull speed for longer trips. The Baffin won’t be going anywhere, though, as it absolutely never fails to put a smile on my face when I paddle it.


Thank you for this pic! You’re right,most pics don’t show that rocker!
I’m 6’, 170 lbs. I think I’d fit in a P2…what do you think?

Yep, the P2 should be a great fit. Baffins up through 2017 or so used the original seat pan design which feels odd at first, but makes sense once you’re on the water. Newer models have the Flex 4 seat which is adjustable.

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