Wilderness Systems Tempest

Is there a Depth difference between the Tempest 165 and the 165 Pro?


Tempest differences
The Tempest 165 is rotomolded plastic construction and the 165 pro is composite fiberglass construction. I believe WS no longer offers the fiberglass versions of the Tempest.

Sorry I read your post too quickly. I have a Tempest 170 pro, and have used a plastic Tempest 170 for a while before I got my new boat. I believe they are the same shape. I moved the seat back in both boats to get more shin clearance.

Should be the same.
They should have the same dimensions, just made of different materials. As mentioned, they are no longer offering new glass boats but you can find one used.

There IS a difference between depth of the 165 and 170 which is why my huge feet and I paddle a 170 :slight_smile: