Wilderness Systems Thresher 155???

Hey everyone,

Just starting my kayak adventure and was looking for a little input. I have been researching some online and think I have found a decent yak for me. Just want some input from those in the know.

First, I am going to be using it primarily in Mission Bay near San Diego and maybe sometimes taking it out in the surf to catch a few waves. I am 6’2" and 250 lbs. I have never kayaked before so this is all pretty new to me. I went to the local shop and looked at a couple of the Hobie’s but honestly I am not sure I want to drop the extra coin required for the Mirage drive.

Upon my research I think the best kayak for me would be the Wilderness Systems Thresher 155. It seems to be a nice balance between speed and stability. I have not seen one in person and haven’t been able to find one to demo.

What do you guys think? How is the quality of the Wilderness Systems compared to the Hobie? Any other suggestions? I am all ears! Please keep it civil. I respect everyone’s opinion.


Looks like a great fishing boat.
I paddle a Tarpon 160 and love it. The thresher looks like an upgrade.

By “local shop” do you mean Aqua Adventures? Those guys are the best and can help you out if you tell them what you are looking for.

I’m part of the SD Kayak Club and we paddle once a week in Mission Bay but we are all sit-in kayaks. I’m not familiar with fishing/sit on tops. But welcome, neighbor!

Thanks for the reply!

I am actually in Temecula. I will head down there and talk to the guys.

Should I be looking at a sit in instead in your opinion?

Are you looking to paddle, or looking to fish? And if paddling, what kind (leisurely around the bay, playing in the waves in the ocean, etc.)?

Seriously though, call Aqua Adventures, tell them what you’re looking to do, and they can recommend a boat. You can demo several different types of boats there at the shop too.