Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140 for river

I’m considering purchasing the 14 foot Tsunami and am wondering if it is suitable for rivers. I rarely get into any whitewater, typically slow to moderate rivers. I’m not sure if maneuverability will be compromised with this length of boat.

I’d appreciate any feedback -thanks

No Problem
I paddled a Loon 138 (13’8") on small rivers without a problem. I am sure the tsunami is more maneuverable. Many people paddle 17’ kayaks on slow moving rivers. I just asked this question a few weeks ago. I now have a 17’ Storm that turns easier than my Loon.

What’s your size?
I am small (5’9"- 150 lbs.)and the 140 fit me very well. If you are big, you may want to look at the 145 which is much roomier. In answer to your question, I had also considered the 140 for quiet rivers and lakes and nothing led me to believe there would be any problems. Good luck.

When you lean turning won’t be a problem. You’ll even learn to use the current.

Tsunami on River
I have a Tsunami 145 that I use consistantly on the Clinton River in MI. I have also used it on the Huron River and went thru the rapids at Delphi with out much problems at all. I wouldn’t use the Tsunami on anything more than Class II water though. Great boat overall, with some minor issues that are acceptable overall.

the Ts-140 is a great, maneuverable boat that can handle current, IF you know what you are doing.

current can be unforgiving.