Wilderness systems tsunami 165 2007

Hi what should my dad list a virtually unused plastic tsunami 165 from 2007/8 for? Probably in the water 3 times and always stored indoors. Pretty much near mint. All the standard features. Thx for any tips

it would have cost about $1300 when new – currently the newer versions are $1700 . For a boat over 10 years old in good shape, half the current new price is not unreasonable. It sort of depends on your market (and whether a big guy sea kayak is in demand in your area) and the competition. You can check the listings on Craigslist in your area to see what similar boats are listed for. If they have been sitting for weeks they are priced too high for your market.

I bought a similar Necky Looksha 17 RM about the same age 5 years ago for $650 (including a Werner paddle, sprayskirt and pump) but it had been used a little more than what you report, intact but not “mint.” SO Normally I would say $800 to $900 for that boat if it is as nice as you say, but since there appears to be somewhat of a shortage of new kayaks at the moment you might be able to push it a little more – depends on how quickly you want to sell it too. If you edge over $1000 it might be a hard sell unless you can post a lot of good photos in an ad for it to establish what good shape it is in AND the right buyer catches the ad.

The WS Tsunami 165 still available, and location?

No I’m sorry it is sold

Always remember when selling you can put “asking”. You can’t go up in price.

One is for sale on FB Marketplace in New Orleans. It has been for sale for a while so the seller may be negotiable some. Good luck.